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Baby Animal Names – & names of males, females and groups

Did you know a baby rabbit is called a Kitten or a Kit? Some more names for baby animals are listed below!

An Antling is a baby Ant.

A Calf is a baby Cow, baby Elephant, baby Camel, baby Giraffe, baby Hippo, baby Moose, baby Reindeer, baby Buffalo, baby Whale or a baby Dolphin.

A Chick is a baby songbird, baby Ostrich or a baby Penguin.

A Cria is a baby Llama or a baby Alpaca.

A Cub is a baby Bear, baby Panda, baby Racoon, baby Lion, baby Tiger, baby Jaguar, baby Leopard, baby Cheetah or a baby Hyena.

A Duckling is a baby Duck.

An Eaglet is a baby Eagle.

An Eyas is a baby Hawk or a baby Falcon.

An Ephyna is a baby Jellyfish.

A Fawn is a baby Deer.

A Foal is a baby Horse, baby Pony, baby Donkey, baby Mule or a baby Zebra.

A Fry is a Baby Fish.

A Gosling is a baby Goose.

A Hatchling is a baby Alligator, baby Turtle or a baby Dinosaur.

A Joey is a baby Kangaroo, baby Koala, baby Oppossum, baby Wallaby, baby Wombat, baby Bandicoot, baby Numbat or a baby Tasmanian Devil.

A Kid is a baby Goat.

A Kit is a baby Rabbit, baby Skunk, baby Weasel, baby Ferret, baby Muskrat or a baby Fox.

A Kitten is a baby Cat.

A Lamb is a baby Sheep.

A Larva is a baby Bee, baby Gnat, baby Termite, baby Clam, baby Starfish, baby Sea Urchin or a baby San Dollar.

A Nymph is a baby Grasshopper or a baby Cockroach.

An Owlet is a baby Owl.

A Piglet is a baby Pig.

A Puggle is a baby Echidna.

A Pup is a baby Dog, baby Coyote, baby Wolf, baby Hamster, baby Mouse, baby Guinea Pig, baby Prairie Dog, baby Beaver, baby Seal, baby Sea Lion, baby Shark or a baby Bat.

A Spiderling is a baby Spider.

A Tadpole is a baby Frog or a baby Toad. Baby Frogs can also be called Polliwogs.


For more baby names, and names of males, females, and groups of animals, click on the link below!

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    Interesting read – some I’ve learned before, but not all of them! Duckling 🙂

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