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The Amazing Lyre Bird

The Lyrebird has been around for millions of years, fossils having been found dated to 15 million years ago. This wonderful Australian bird can be found in rain forest habitats in Victoria and New South Wales. It was also brought to Tasmania in the 19th century. There are two different species of Lyrebirds: the Superb Lyrebird and Albert’s Lyrebird. The male Superb Lyrebird is the third largest songbird with a length of 80 to 98 centimeters, (31.5 38.5 inches). The female is slightly smaller with a body measuring 74 to 84 centimeters, (29 to 33 inches). Albert’s Lyrebird is a little bit smaller and can be found in Southern Queensland. This bird was given it’s name in honor of Queen Victoria’s husband Prince Albert.

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