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Poll – Which 3 Aquarium fishes do you like best?

Banded Rainbowfish -  Melanotaenia trifasciata

Banded Rainbowfish

Picture Source – Free Wallpapers

The “My Aquarium Critterz” blog, run by Johno, has now got a Poll where you can choose your top 3 favourite aquarium fishes.  Johno’s blog also has pages on the fishes that are listed in his poll, so you can look at the pictures and information on his blog (or google them) to help make your choices.   (I chose Guppies, Featherfin Catfish and Glass Catfish, if you must know).

Click on the link below to enter the poll.

Poll – click here

You can get some great fish pictures and other animal pictures for your PC Desktop at the “Picture Source – Free Wallpapers” link above, if you like.  Enjoy !

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2 thoughts on “Poll – Which 3 Aquarium fishes do you like best?

  1. Haha. I voted guppies, featherfin catfish and glass catfish as well! That rainbow fish looks amazing 😀

  2. Star Wise on said:

    How about that? Amazing that we both voted the same. After voting, I thought to myself “why do I always like Guppies so much”? and I answered myself, perhaps because they are small and alert active fish and community oriented, even if they are not as pretty as the beautiful Banded Rainbowfish. Thanks for your comment Johno, and for your Blog too, from which I learn alot and love the photos and videos you post there.

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