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Animals connecting to Celine

Baby Woylie

Baby Woylie

Background to this following Article:

The following is a nice anecdote that my sister, Therese, wrote about my affinity with animals.


I hereby attest that the animals of this world have an affinity with my sister, Celine, as the following descriptions show.  I am recording the experiences that show a definite connection between creatures and Celine.  The animals respect Celine, treating her as a kindred spirit!

1.    Small dog puts both paws on Celine’s knees, ignores all other people.

At a family get together, Celine and I were standing apart from the others.  Celine was standing a fair way away from me.  A small dog was wandering around.  The dog and Celine espied each other and Celine indicated to the dog a little bit.  Without much ado, the dog went straight up to Celine and, without Celine’s bidding, put its paws squarely on Celine’s knee and looked up at Celine.  Whereupon, Celine patted the small dog and said some encouraging words.

Later on, the dog was seen by me wandering around.  I didn’t see it approach anyone else.  Although I looked at it and tried to communicate non-verbally to it to come to me, it completely ignored me.  The small dog only liked Celine, so it seemed!  It found a friend in Celine because it immediately went up to Celine and with no hesitation whatsoever put it’s paws trustingly on Celine’s knee.

2.    Cat follows Celine into room and it is the first time that the cat follows anyone into that room

Celine was attending an appointment at someone’s place of residence, i.e. someone’s home.  Celine was asked to go in to a certain room.  A cat who lived at the place was present.  As Celine walked to the room and in to the room, the cat silently but purposefully followed Celine right on in to the room.  The cat’s owner witnessed this and commented that it was very surprising because the cat had never done that before, i.e. the cat had never followed someone like that, in to that particular room (not even the owner or other people who lived at the place).

The cat definitely could see a friend in Celine and liked her enough to be interested in following her right on in to the room!  Note, Celine did not have any food for the cat and did not encourage the cat in any way.

3.    Two little dogs leap up onto Celine’s lap and sit on her lap quite uninvited and it is an unprecedented action by the dogs

Trying to sell something to a couple, Celine was invited to sit on a couch.  The couple owned two terrier dogs.  No sooner had Celine sat on the couch, then both little dogs jumped up onto Celine’s lap and happily stayed there!  The owners were really astonished and said that the dogs usually didn’t sit on people’s laps and they had thought that the dogs wouldn’t sit on a stranger’s lap.

The terrier dogs felt Celine was a kindred spirit and so were definitely attracted to her, hence jumping onto her lap!

4.     Cockatoo performs trick only for Celine!

At a wildlife place, groups of people flocked round a cage containing a cockatoo whom it was known performed tricks.  The cockatoo kept silent and did nothing at all – no tricks whatsoever, even when there were only one or two people looking at him.

Later on, Celine approached the cage by herself.  No sooner had Celine said silently in her mind “Cocky do a trick for me” then the Cockatoo performed a trick!  He hung from a beam with only his beak!  A man nearby who was reading a newspaper was astonished.  After the bird had finished, it approached the front of the cage half expectantly.  Celine, who was regretting that she did not have any reward for the cockatoo, said aloud “I’m sorry I don’t have a cracker” and hurried off.

The bird must have liked the look of Celine and decided that it would do a trick for Celine when asked to!  Celine must be able to communicate to the creatures!

It’s me, Celine ( or “Star Wise” ) speaking now …

For me, the most memorable experience was the two little dogs while I was watching a sales acquaintance demonstrate a cleaning product.  I went into the room and sat on a single-seater chair in the corner.  In a moment two terriers came to the doorway and looked into the room.  They saw me and immediately ran over to me and BOTH of them jumped up into my lap.  They curled up there comfortably while I, with delight, fussed over them and patted them.  The “owner” (or owned, as I like to call people who are graced by animal companions) gave a gasp and froze.   Then she found her voice and said “that’s amazing, those dogs don’t like strangers, but look at that,” of course “that” was the 2 dogs cozying up with me!

As I firmly believe in animal telepathic communication (see the “Talk to the Animals” page of this site), even though I am not very good at it, I am not surprised by the incident with the sweet Cockatoo, whom definitely picked up my thoughts telepathically and did a trick for me.   What’s more, the Cockatoo hung from a bar of the roof of his cage using his beak, and stayed like that for ages.  I got alarmed because he wouldn’t stop as I looked at him, and got to thinking he would be getting tired or fainting in a moment.  So, I asked him silently (telepathically) to stop, and the moment I did, he let go off the bar and righted himself.  He then inched along his perch gracefully toward me, stretching out his head, perhaps looking for something to eat.  It was then that I said aloud, “thank you, and I am sorry, but I don’t have a cracker for you.”   He put up his head and looked surprised, and I walked off.

Wherever I go, animals that I don’t even know, take an interest in me and like me.  It is –  nice !!   I like it and my happiest imaginations when I am feeling especially “down and out” are seeing myself surrounded by animal friends and nature, having fun with the animals and communicating with them, and us caring for each other.   The picture of the baby Woylie was taken of my friend, Jenny with a woylie.  I was standing next to Jenny, and the two of us were on work experience as third year Biology students in the 1980s.  We were in the Perup forest, surveying the plants and animals.

Mitakuye Oyasin

we are all related


If you would like to read about my 3rd year Biology Project experiences with Woylies in the Perup forest, please click on  THIS   page of my “Peace in Practice” website.

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5 thoughts on “Animals connecting to Celine

  1. I think you might like Ellie and Edmond’s blog… you two seem to share a similar interest. http://ellieandedmond.wordpress.com/

  2. Star Wise on said:

    Thank you, I’ve had a quick look and I love Ellie & Edmond’s blog! I love your Malamute friend too. Give him a biiiggg hug from me please.

  3. Hey Celine, not to downplay your connection to these animals, but often times they are just good judges of character. When I was younger we had a dog that always barked, non-stop, at a certain friend. She was the sweetest little dog and NEVER did that to anyone else. That friend ended up spending most of his adult life in jail. (Assault, theft, fraud, etc, etc.) Sometimes they just know, and I think you are a kindred spirit.

  4. Star Wise on said:

    Hi Billy, I think that animals naturally know when a person has got a good heart or not, and I wasn’t saying that I have a special connection to animals other than being a “kindred spirit” to animals in terms of my liking and respecting animals and Life. In my opinion, not only are non-human animals good judges of human character, but they make that judgement transparent and don’t deceive human beings (unless they are brainwashed or forced into doing so). Being a good judge of character is an admirable trait, and maybe there are more non-human animals than there are human beings whom are good judges of human character.

  5. Just read on my blog you haven’t been feeling well. Here’s hoping you get better soon. You do have a “special connection,” and you definitely are a kindred spirit. My wife is the same way. She worked with horses, and took care of one pony who had the rep of being mean and nasty. Yet I saw this pony eat out of my wife’s hands. Some of you have a definite connection.
    You are right about the transparency of animals. I wish it was also a human trait. Life would be better.

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