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Animals in Cartoons – Lady and the Tramp

Lady and the Tramp is a 1955 American animated film produced by Walt Disney and released to theaters on June 22, 1955, by Buena Vista Distribution. The fifteenth animated feature in the Disney Animated Features Canon, it was the first animated feature filmed in the CinemaScope Widescreen film process. The story, which was based upon a short story called Happy Dan, The Whistling Dog by Ward Greene, centers on a female American Cocker Spaniel named Lady who lives with a refined, upper middle-class family, and a male stray mutt called the Tramp.

A direct-to-video sequel, Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp’s Adventure, was released in 2001.

Lady and the Tramp the story of two dogs

Happy Dan the Whistling Dog” was published in an early 1940s edition of the “Cosmopolitan magazine”.   In 1953 Disney published the first edition of “Lady and the Tramp, the story of two dogs” in hardcover, attributing the authorship to Ward Greene.  Currently one of these books is on eBay selling for at least $700.   A 1953 edition signed by Walt Disney himself, sold at Christies for over $3,000.   See links below, if you really want to.   If you won the Lotto, I suppose you could buy the book on eBay, if you wanted to.

Lady and the Tramp – story of Two Dogs – on eBay

Christies –  original Lady and the Tramp book sale

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lady and the tramp

WARNING – Plot follows

On Christmas morning in 1909, Jim Dear gives his wife Darling a cocker spaniel puppy that they name Lady. Lady enjoys a happy life with the couple and with a pair of dogs from the neighborhood, a Scottish Terrier named Jock and a bloodhound named Trusty. Meanwhile, across town by the railway, a stray silver mutt, referred to as the Tramp, lives life from moment to moment, be it begging for scraps from an Italian restaurant or protecting his fellow strays Peg (a Pekingese) and Bull (a Bulldog) from the local dog catcher.

Later, Lady is saddened after Jim Dear and Darling begin treating her rather coldly. Jock and Trusty visit her, and determine that the change in behavior is due to Darling expecting a baby. While Jock and Trusty try to explain what a baby is, the eavesdropping Tramp enters the conversation and offers his own opinions. Jock and Trusty take an immediate dislike to the stray and order him out of the yard.

In due course, the baby arrives and Jim Dear and Darling introduce Lady to the infant. Soon after, Jim Dear and Darling decide to go on a trip together, leaving their Aunt Sarah to look after the baby and the house. When Lady clashes with Aunt Sarah’s two Siamese cats, Si and Am, she takes Lady to a pet shop to get a muzzle. A terrified Lady escapes, but is pursued by some street dogs. Tramp sees the chase and rescues Lady. The two then visit a zoo, where Tramp tricks a beaver into removing the muzzle. That night, Tramp shows Lady how he lives “footloose and collar-free”, culminating in a candlelit Italian dinner at the Bella Notte restaurant.

As Tramp escorts Lady back home, he stirs up trouble in a chicken coop. When the two dogs flee, Lady is caught by the dog-catcher. At the pound, the other dogs admire Lady’s license, as it is her way out of the pound. Soon the dogs reveal the Tramp’s many girlfriends and how he is unlikely to ever settle down. Eventually, Lady is collected by Aunt Sarah, who chains Lady to a doghouse in the back yard. Jock and Trusty visit to comfort her, but when the Tramp arrives to apologize, thunder starts to rumble as Lady furiously confronts him, after which the Tramp sadly leaves.

Moments later, as it starts to rain, Lady sees a rat trying to sneak into the yard. While the rat is afraid of Lady, it is able to evade her and enter the house. Lady barks frantically, but Aunt Sarah yells at her to be quiet. The Tramp hears her and runs back to help. Tramp enters the house and finds the rat in the nursery. Lady breaks free and races to the nursery to find the rat on the baby’s crib. Tramp pounces on the rat, but knocks over the crib in the process, awakening the infant. Tramp kills the rat, but when Aunt Sarah comes to the baby’s aid, she sees the two dogs and thinks they are responsible. She pushes Tramp into a closet and Lady into the basement, then calls the pound to take the Tramp away.

Jim Dear and Darling return as the dogcatcher departs. They release Lady, who leads them to the dead rat, vindicating Tramp. Jock and Trusty, having overheard everything, chase after the dogcatcher’s wagon. Jock is convinced Trusty has long since lost his sense of smell, but the old bloodhound is able to find the wagon. They bark at the horses, who rear up and topple the wagon onto a telephone pole. Jim Dear arrives by car with Lady, and Lady is happily reunited with the Tramp before they discover that the wagon fell on Trusty.

That Christmas, Tramp, now a part of Lady’s family, has his own collar and license. Lady and the Tramp also have their own family, a litter of four puppies. Jock comes to see the family along with Trusty, who is carefully walking on his still-mending leg.



You can read the script for the story by clicking  here.   Below are a few pics of my ornaments that I have depicting animals from “Lady and the Tramp”.   They are “Wade” figurines from the Hatbox series.  I only have the “hatbox” (container) for Lady.    You can find the names of all of the characters in Lady and the Tramp at this link   HERE.

wade figurine peg lady and the tramp


wade figurine lady


wade figurine tramp


The Disney Store has released a Collector’s edition set of 8 ceramic figures in a “reel like” container.  It contains Lady, Tramp, Lady as a kitten, Jock, Trusty, An and Si (cats) and one of Lady and Tramp’s puppies, Scamp (the only male puppy among a litter of 4, in the follow-up movie “Lady and the Tramp 2 – Scamp’s Adventures”).

Disney store Lady and the Tramp figurines

Disney store 2012 Lady and the Tramp figurines

There is also a LATT plush collection of toys, available individually from the Disney store, at this link here.   Below is a picture of all the LATT Lady and the Tramp plush toys produced, including Trusty, whom doesn’t appear to be currently on sale at the Disney store, but can be searched for elsewhere, I guess.

LATT Lady and the Tramp plush toys

I am lucky enough to own a DinseyLand Resort (DLR)  “Piece of Movies” Limited Edition “The Lady and the Tramp” Pin with a piece of film showing the famous scene of Lady and Tramp sharing a piece of spaghetti !!   I knew two real dogs in life, called Lady and Tramp.  Lady was a beautiful mahogany coloured long-coated Chihuahua and Tramp a mix of Chihuahua and other.   Lady (the Chihuahua) has gone now, and this post is a tribute to them and to dogs everywhere, as well as to the movie of course, “Lady and the Tramp” which I love.

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4 thoughts on “Animals in Cartoons – Lady and the Tramp

  1. I loved Lady and the Tramp as a child, and I have enjoyed this post about the movie, the story, and the collectibles immensely. Your figurines are lovely. I did not know the story was based on a book Happy Dan, The Whistling Dog by Ward Greene.

  2. Thank you for your comment. It’s interesting to know what is behind things, I think, especially when one is very interested in history, as I am. Yes the little Wade figurines cheer me up. I have them in my study, in front of my computer monitor. “Lady and the Tramp” has stood the test of time, as a time-less classic, I think!

  3. Hi Celine, my kids always loved the Disney movies. One of their favs was “The Fox and the Hound” or Copper and Todd, as my twins called it. I used to buy them for two bucks apiece at Goodwill.

  4. Hi Billy, thank you so much for your feedback. I must watch “The Fox and the Hound” again soon. Wowser, 2 bucks to buy a movie, that is great. I have just added a Poll about favourtie animated movies (not just Disney). I’m a big kid at heart & love many, many animated films!

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