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Mayan Bead Art by Jose Reanda – Animals

Bead Art Turtle 3

Bead Art Turtle 1

Imagine a table piece made from hundreds or thousands of tiny coloured beads !

Jose Reanda began learning to weave, under his mother’s tutelage, when he was 13 years old. In his late teens he began weaving with beads and later became a founding “beader” in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala. He taught the art to others and is considered one of the driving forces behind this growing cottage industry. Skilled beaders are able to earn about 3 times more than they would by doing day labor work in neighboring and the effects on family health, education and so much more has been huge.

Jose’s work is unique and represents some of the finest bead work anywhere in the world. Each piece can take from one day to one week to create and no two are identical.  Mayan Majix is supporting the work of the bead artists.  Each purchase goes a long way to support Jose and his family.  Jose’s subjects include mythical and endangered animals.

Beading has revolutionized the lives of many people in this area, and is now an important artisan industry in Santiago Atitlan.   I have just broken into my savings, because I fell in love with this little turtle – and I want to support the Mayan family.   So, this cute little guy is swimming its way gallantly across the oceans just to get to me !!

Please look at the 2 links below, and consider supporting Jose’s family in Guatemala, or asking others to do so.  Thank you.

Mayan Majix – bead Table Art – Turtle

Mayn Bead Art – Dragons & other

My New Blog – Our Lovely World

G’day from Down Under
I have started a new Blog, called “Our Lovely World”.   I don’t know how often I will be posting there, but my instincts or impulses have directed me to create it, to express myself in the manner after Vladimir Tretchikoff –




Well, I love reading and writing, and sharing from the heart.  I love animals and nature, and happiness and smiles, and hugs.  I love the blessings that the World has got to offer us, and I feel grateful for everything with every breath that I draw.  Hence my new Blog – to blog about nice things that come to my mind – that I want to express!

So, there you have it.  Note, I tried creating my Blog with the name “Our Lovely World” or “The Lovely World” or “Lovely World” as a free WordPress dot com site, but they were all taken.  I wondered about calling it “Starwise’s World” but then I was struck by the final titling, which is –   Star Struck World – because the World is what we make of it, according to my philosophy, and I choose to see the positive in Life, and to have myself a merry little Star struck World !!

Here is the link for my new Blog –  http://starstruckworld.wordpress.com/

I have added to the Blogroll for Our Lovely World links to the WordPress sites of the loyal supporters of Fascinating Animals.  You know who you are!


Celine  ( Star Wise )


David Attenborough – Master Natural Historian of Life on Earth

David Attenborough - Life on Earth

David Attenborough filming “Life on Earth”

Sir David Attenborough (born 8 May 1926 in London, England) is Britain’s best-known natural history film-maker.   His career as a naturalist and broadcaster has spanned nearly five decades and there are very few places on the globe that he has not visited.   Over the last 25 years he has established himself as the world’s leading natural history programme maker with several landmark BBC series, including: Life on Earth (1979), The Living Planet (1984), The Trials of Life (1990), The Private Life of Plants (1995), The Life of Birds (1998), The Life of Mammals (2002) and Life in the Undergrowth (2005).

The final chapter in the Life series, Life in Cold Blood is the grand finale to David’s survey of life on earth.

He is also a former senior manager at the BBC, having served as controller of BBC Two and director of programming for BBC Television in the 1960s and 1970s.   In 1965, Sir David became Controller of BBC2 and was responsible for the introduction of colour television into Britain.  In January 1969, he was appointed Director of Programmes with editorial responsibility for both of the BBC’s television networks.  Then, in 1973, he resigned to return to programme-making, claiming “I haven’t even seen the Galapagos Islands”.  First came Eastwards with Attenborough, a natural history series set in South East Asia, then The Tribal Eye, examining tribal art.

He is a younger brother of director, producer and actor Richard Attenborough.  He is widely considered a national treasure, although he himself doesn’t care for the term.

David Attenborough received a Knighthood for services to broadcasting in 1985.

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Encircle the Cat Game

Black Cat

Hi there, cat lovers like me!  If you have Adobe Flash Player on your PC, just click on the link below for a super fun game “Encircle the Cat”.

The object of the game is to click on the light green circles one at a time anywhere amongst all of the light green circles, and the circle will turn dark green, and the cat will move one circle somewhere.  Keep clicking until the kitty is completely surrounded by dark green circles!

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Snakes Alive – Part 2 – Types of Snakes, Snake Symbolism & The Snake Temple !

Ka Snake Cartoon



Only 10% of total snake species in the world are venomous. It is always advisable to leave a snake undisturbed whether it is venomous or not. Most venomous snakes will only attack when provoked or threatened.  The Viper family, among which are Copperheads and rattlesnakes, are the typical snakes with the triangle-shaped head. Elapids typically do not have the triangle-shaped head but have small heads which they raise in a J shape from their body.

The classic “The Jungle Book” portrays Ka, the Snake as a people-charmer or with the ability to hypnotise Mowgli.  I have to say that Snakes do not hypnotise people or their prey!!  Some prey can freeze in terror when sighted by a snake or when they see a snake, looking as though the prey animal is hypnotised, but it is a biological fact that Snakes DO NOT hypnotise living things.

Also, some Snake Charmers or to be more precise, some Cobra Snake Charmers, are not nice people in my “books” because the Cobras have had their fangs removed and even sometimes have had their mouths sewn shut.  However, there have been “real” Snake Charmers whom have faced off against a sleepy Cobra that has been rudely awoken from its basket, only to stare down the Snake Charmer and to try to bite the flute the “Charmer” is playing (which the Snake can’t hear but can feel) – as this Article below nicely explains !


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Snakes Alive – Part 1 – Classification and Biology


Oh no, it’s a snake!! Run away. Scream. This is usually the reaction of people when they see a snake. Picture the movies of pythons and rattle-snakes in jungles and deserts, that you have seen, and someone accidentally coming across the snake and recoiling in terror. However, you may be glad to know that here in Australia at least, only (on average) 2-3 people die from snakebite in Australia every year.

A snake will only bite an animal that is not a food item, in an act of self defence. This means that if a person accidentally steps on a snake they may be bitten as the snake will assume it is being attacked. Not surprisingly the majority of snake bites occur when people try to catch or kill snakes.

Snakes are shy animals – snakes will only bite as a last resort. This means it is your responsibility to have the habitat around where you live clear of long grass and possible spots for snakes to rest in. You should also tread carefully if you are treading (walking) in regions or places where there are possibly snakes around. Say, you are in the desert, well, make sure you use your eyes to scan around you, and if you are in the reeds, or a swamp, or a desert or other place frequented by snakes, you can use a stick to tap the ground as you go along or stamp your feet as you walk. This will alert snakes to your oncoming presence, and no, they will NOT know you are coming and hide and lash at out you as you pass. They have got eyes and consciousness, and will determine that a great lumbering human being is coming their way (and unless they are man-eating pythons in the Amazon) they will not consider you as a “prey” and will slither away.

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Munro – Staffordshire puppy learns to walk

Bondi Vet – Series 4 – Episode 16

A Staffordshire bull terrier puppy has a disorder, Swimmer’s Syndrome, so the Bondi Junction Vet, Dr Chris Brown, gets creative and makes a customised jacket for her to help her breathe, and she has Aquarobics in her owner’s pool to strengthen her legs.  After 3 weeks, she is better, thanks to Bondi Vet (New South Wales, Australia).  She learns to walk for the first time.   What a sweeeeet puppy.  When I saw her , my heart just melted.   I am so glad Munro’s owner got help for her!!   I love Munro, she is beautiful in temperament, spirit and appearance.  You have to watch the whole video to look at the whole of Munro’s story, or at least fast forward past the “cat and the snake” story to Munro’s therapy.  

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Poll: Which are your Favourite animated movies – with Animals ?

Choose the top 3 that you love !  Note,  for sake of convenience and display, I put series together, so you might like Ice Age 1 (my very favourite) but not like Ice Age 2 or 3, however just choose “Ice Age 1, 2 & 3” and that will mean you love Ice Age 1 or Ice Age 2 or Ice Age 3 or a mix of them (sorry I didn’t have time to type in “or” rather than & when setting up the Poll) !!

I tried to put in the most popular movies.   I have not included long running televsion series, like “Road Runner”, “Bugs Bunny”, “Scooby Doo” and “Mickey Mouse” in this Poll.  I have watched nearly all of these listed (only 2 or 3 in the poll that I haven’t watched) – and if you have any top 3 that are not in this Poll, please feel free to add them in a Comment !!  Thank you for participating (if you do).
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