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Snakes Alive – Part 1 – Classification and Biology


Oh no, it’s a snake!! Run away. Scream. This is usually the reaction of people when they see a snake. Picture the movies of pythons and rattle-snakes in jungles and deserts, that you have seen, and someone accidentally coming across the snake and recoiling in terror. However, you may be glad to know that here in Australia at least, only (on average) 2-3 people die from snakebite in Australia every year.

A snake will only bite an animal that is not a food item, in an act of self defence. This means that if a person accidentally steps on a snake they may be bitten as the snake will assume it is being attacked. Not surprisingly the majority of snake bites occur when people try to catch or kill snakes.

Snakes are shy animals – snakes will only bite as a last resort. This means it is your responsibility to have the habitat around where you live clear of long grass and possible spots for snakes to rest in. You should also tread carefully if you are treading (walking) in regions or places where there are possibly snakes around. Say, you are in the desert, well, make sure you use your eyes to scan around you, and if you are in the reeds, or a swamp, or a desert or other place frequented by snakes, you can use a stick to tap the ground as you go along or stamp your feet as you walk. This will alert snakes to your oncoming presence, and no, they will NOT know you are coming and hide and lash at out you as you pass. They have got eyes and consciousness, and will determine that a great lumbering human being is coming their way (and unless they are man-eating pythons in the Amazon) they will not consider you as a “prey” and will slither away.

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