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Snakes Alive – Part 2 – Types of Snakes, Snake Symbolism & The Snake Temple !

Ka Snake Cartoon



Only 10% of total snake species in the world are venomous. It is always advisable to leave a snake undisturbed whether it is venomous or not. Most venomous snakes will only attack when provoked or threatened.  The Viper family, among which are Copperheads and rattlesnakes, are the typical snakes with the triangle-shaped head. Elapids typically do not have the triangle-shaped head but have small heads which they raise in a J shape from their body.

The classic “The Jungle Book” portrays Ka, the Snake as a people-charmer or with the ability to hypnotise Mowgli.  I have to say that Snakes do not hypnotise people or their prey!!  Some prey can freeze in terror when sighted by a snake or when they see a snake, looking as though the prey animal is hypnotised, but it is a biological fact that Snakes DO NOT hypnotise living things.

Also, some Snake Charmers or to be more precise, some Cobra Snake Charmers, are not nice people in my “books” because the Cobras have had their fangs removed and even sometimes have had their mouths sewn shut.  However, there have been “real” Snake Charmers whom have faced off against a sleepy Cobra that has been rudely awoken from its basket, only to stare down the Snake Charmer and to try to bite the flute the “Charmer” is playing (which the Snake can’t hear but can feel) – as this Article below nicely explains !


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