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Encircle the Cat Game

Black Cat

Hi there, cat lovers like me!  If you have Adobe Flash Player on your PC, just click on the link below for a super fun game “Encircle the Cat”.

The object of the game is to click on the light green circles one at a time anywhere amongst all of the light green circles, and the circle will turn dark green, and the cat will move one circle somewhere.  Keep clicking until the kitty is completely surrounded by dark green circles!


If your kitty gets to the edge of the spots/circles without having dark green circles ALL AROUND her, well then you have lost the game!

I am sure that a great mathematician (which I am not) would be able to solve this game and win in an amazing short time.  I found this cute game back in 2009 and still have not solved it, hahaha.  I think I need to spend more time on it and that includes observing the cat behaviour – to find if there is a pattern to her movements.  I have recently thought to start by clicking on all of the very outermost circles first of all but – ah – I still need to refine my method.

Please let me know if you win this game by completely encircling the black cat and if so, how long it took you to do it.  If you don’t, I will send a black cat to you to haunt you!!   Feedback is good, and let’s me know that people are enjoying what I post here, and encourages me to keep posting, amongst my busy schedule!

Here is the link.     http://www.gamedesign.jp/flash/chatnoir/chatnoir.swf


If you need Flash Player, download it and run it on your computer by clicking  here   if you want to play the game.


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5 thoughts on “Encircle the Cat Game

  1. Beautiful cat.

  2. Thank you Daniel, I got her pic from an internet page about “black cats” – here is the link http://www.catster.com/black-cats/. Let us know if you play the game and win!

  3. I just did it myself – on my 5th attempt today! It only took a few seconds too, but it seemed the “fates” were helping me, because there were alot of dark circles together in such an arrangment, that I was able to “shepherd” the kitty into being surrounded by dark circles. She didn’t like it.

  4. Star Wise on said:

    Here is another fun “animals” game to play. It is by BBC Science & Nature and tests one’ reflexes.


  5. Here is a link to the Games tab/page of my other WordPress site, “Our Lovely World”. More games – more fun !! Enjoy.


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