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My New Blog – Our Lovely World

G’day from Down Under
I have started a new Blog, called “Our Lovely World”.   I don’t know how often I will be posting there, but my instincts or impulses have directed me to create it, to express myself in the manner after Vladimir Tretchikoff –




Well, I love reading and writing, and sharing from the heart.  I love animals and nature, and happiness and smiles, and hugs.  I love the blessings that the World has got to offer us, and I feel grateful for everything with every breath that I draw.  Hence my new Blog – to blog about nice things that come to my mind – that I want to express!

So, there you have it.  Note, I tried creating my Blog with the name “Our Lovely World” or “The Lovely World” or “Lovely World” as a free WordPress dot com site, but they were all taken.  I wondered about calling it “Starwise’s World” but then I was struck by the final titling, which is –   Star Struck World – because the World is what we make of it, according to my philosophy, and I choose to see the positive in Life, and to have myself a merry little Star struck World !!

Here is the link for my new Blog –  http://starstruckworld.wordpress.com/

I have added to the Blogroll for Our Lovely World links to the WordPress sites of the loyal supporters of Fascinating Animals.  You know who you are!


Celine  ( Star Wise )


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