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Visits from a Chameleon & other Animals !

Panther Chameleon

Furcifer pardalis


Update about the Photo below – it appears widely on the internet and please note that I never  said it was real and I never lied, and never said the Greeks named it but  that the lion reference was associated with the Greeks.  Apologies to Frank whom we received a Comment from and posted below the photo, and have obviously angered.  Please note everyone, just because I have my own viewpoints on my connections with animals doesn’t mean I am out of touch with reality or am a nut-case.  Look toward yourself first if you want to find fault.

beautiful chameleon

A Comment from a disgruntled reader

( when readers are unhappy they are sure to let you know)

From your July 2012 post. The second picture ‘beautiful chameleon’ is a juvenile Chamaeleo calyptratus, commonly called a veiled chameleon. The coloration is absurdly altered and does not exist in nature. Why would you alter the natural beauty of this being? It is out of touch w/ natural beauty and reality, as I suspect you are. You do the world a dis-service when you lie to make a point. The world is a wonderful and beautiful place w/o having to lie. By the way, it was English speaking scientist using Greek names that called the Chameleon the ‘Lion on the Ground’, not the Greeks themselves. Frank

Did you know that the name of these special lizards is translated as “the lion on the ground” as it seems that Greeks deemed something of a lion in them.  By looking in the dictionary you will see that this word is associated not only with this wonderful lizard but also with humans and their sometimes inconstant behavior.   Last night as I was dropping off to sleep, I could see a very clear and large image of a green and spotted Chameleon, just like the photo of the panther chameleon above.   This image was so bright and clear and unexpected, that I knew it must be a visit from the Chameleon spirit, bestowing the “medicine” or wisdom of the Chameleon upon me.   Linsdomain   says the following about the Chameleon as a totem.

Chameleon gives their totem people the awareness of their own psychic ability and intuition. People with this totem are very sensitive to their environment and often are able to see auras around people. If you have a Chameleon totem, you need to trust what you feel and sense. Chameleon’s color changes symbolize the inconstancy of life and the uncertainty of fortune, while its eyes see both the past and the future, giving its totem people the power of clairvoyance.

Until I read the great article at the link below, all about Chameleons, I did not know that their eyes could swivel to face either forward or backward.  I had heard about the camouflage ability of Chameleons, but then discovered that the changing colours are use to express their feelings and to attract mates and in response to temperature and light, rather than to disguise the creature so it won’t be noticed.

Upon pondering the meaning if the Chameleon’s visit at this point of my life, I thought to myself “what does a chameleon mean to me?”   The creature that came to me was standing stock still, so I thought maybe it means to bask in the sun and be still and calm like the Chameleon, until I need to take action, like the Chameleon – shooting out its long tongue to grab its prey!

The following page is a “must read” if you are seriously interested in this cute colourful animal, especially if you want to ponder its spiritual or symbolic significance.


Also, please go to the National Geographic page below to view a short clip showing a cute baby chameleon !!   I can’t embed the video here, so don’t miss out if you want to see an amazing, fascinating animal in action – and acting purely by its instincts.


The Chameleon spirit, to me, means balance, focus, a good strike rate, and blending in with the circumstances,while expressing my feelings.

I am glad that the Chameleon visited me in spirit last night, to give me its message.  Lately, animals have been appearing to help me.  If you see an un-usual animal, especially if it appears several times within a short period of time, then it could be that the Universe is giving you the “medicine” of that animal.   This week I have seen a HUGE grass-hopper on the window of my study (with the “medicine” to remind me that I am powerful and can take great leaps to get ahead or to go where I want to go), then I saw a Crane, surprisingly outside a shop.  Crane shows you that sometimes you need to focus on one thing instead of trying to do several projects at the same time.   A perfect message for me, as lately I have felt a surge of mental energy and have felt myself start to become scatter-brained, trying to do too many things at once.

 A Leap of Faith (Believe) 

Focus on what you Want (you know what that is)

Trust your Intuition

Thank you to Chameleon, Grasshopper & Crane, for your gifts !


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2 thoughts on “Visits from a Chameleon & other Animals !

  1. Hi Celine, that one picture is worth the price of admission. The colors are almost psychedelic.

    We have a bear in the area eating out of birdfeeders and drinking from fountains, but all I’m getting from it is not to go out in the yard after dark, and to keep an eye on Polly Jingles.

    Speaking of Polly, she has acclimated nicely. We received a delivery of books recently, and didn’t throw the box away. We found her sleeping in said box one night, and she has claimed it as her own. So we put a blanket in it, and she kneads it before going to sleep. Strange cat! But she’s family.
    Hope all is well. Billy

  2. Thanks for the update about Polly Jingles cat, Billy. I would like to meet a bear, but not up close and personal unless it was Yogi Bear. Yes the colours of the cool Chameleon pictured are magnificently mesmerising. I like how the baby in the video linked helps herself/himself to spiderlings on instinct moments after being born!

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