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Polar Bears – on Thin Ice

polar bear cubs

Photo Link:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/20406121@N04/2222146906/

Polar bears are strong swimmers, but swimming long distances in open water is draining and can be fatal. In 2008 a radio-collared bear with a yearling cub swam an astounding 427 miles to reach the ice off the northern Alaska coast. The cub didn’t make it.

A grim future for polar bears is one of the most tangible and poignant outcomes of global warming.  In 2006, federal researchers reported that two-thirds of the world’s polar bear habitat could vanish by mid-century.   Saving the Polar Bears all hinges on reducing greenhouse gas emissions – carbon dioxide and other pollution from the burning of fossil fuels.   Time is running out.

Humankind needs to make a choice.

Kingdom:  Animalia

Phylum:     Chordata

Class:         Mammalia

Order:        Carnivora

Family:     Ursidae

Genus:       Ursus

Species:     U. maritimu

As of May 2008, the U.S listed the polar bear as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act. In Canada, polar bears are listed as a Species of Special Concern. Russia also considers the polar bear a species of concern.

Polar bears range from Russia to Alaska, from Canada to Greenland, and onto Norway’s Svalbard archipelago. Biologists estimate there are 20,000 to 25,000 bears. About 60% of those live in Canada.  The IUCN Polar Bear Specialist Group has been working to research the effects of climate change on Polar Bears and the Arctic inhabitants, and has been seeking urgent global governmental action to counteract global warming through human activities.  Their report can be read at the page below.


Please also read the information at the websites below, and print off some information.  Share and talk about this situation with everyone you meet.




The polar bear is already on thin ice.  Protecting the polar bear under the Endangered Species Act is a major step forward, but proper, urgent and comprehensive action needs to be taken to avert climate change through human-made activity – before it is too late – not only for Polar Bears – but for all of Life on Earth.  Please do what you can to help, by supporting the following, and raising awareness.  Research and support the “zero carbon strategy” in your country.



Thank you, on behalf of the Polar Bears.

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3 thoughts on “Polar Bears – on Thin Ice

  1. Thank you for this post; it’s scary how fast our planet it careening out of control, most of it due to man’s influence. Here’s another that might be of interest: https://zeebradesigns.wordpress.com/2012/02/07/a-fragile-balance-the-decline-of-the-olive-ridley-sea-turtles/

  2. You are welcome, Z. I wrote it up & posted it last night after watching an episode narrated by David Attenborough showing the Polar Bears thin and hungry. I agree that human activity has accelerated the rate of climate change, and if people think the climate change we have been having is natural, they are silly. The RATE of change is nowhere near the same rate as the natural rate, as David has explained.

  3. Si; the snow caps are receding here in Ecuador; glaciers are sloughing into the ocean; Madre Tierra is not happy. Just read this and thought of you: http://news.yahoo.com/lobstermen-finding-more-odd-colors-catch-174919469.html?_esi=1

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