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Heart-kun – Puppy with a Heart

Born on May 18, 2007, this cute long coated male Chihuahua bears a perfect heart shape on his coat.  His owner and breeder, Emiko Sakurada of Odate in the Japanese prefecture of Akita, aptly named him Heart-kun.  Sakurada, who says she’s bred more than 1,000 Chihuahua puppies, said she’d never seen one with markings like Heart-kun.

Heart-kun’s mother gave birth to a new litter of puppies in August 2009, and one of the four tiny pups shares the unique heart-shaped coat marking.  Sakurada has named the new puppy Love-kun, and, although she generally sells the puppies she breeds, she has no intention of parting with Heart-kun or Love-kun.

In that same year, 2009, Heart-kun became a father, and sired a pup with a heart-shaped marking.  The pup has been called Kokoro-chan.

Photos by GETTY IMAGES & REUTERS – Issei Kato, JAPAN.




Above is a photo of Heart-kun with his daughter, Kokoro-chan (Sweetheart)

The suffixes of –kun and -chan are honorifics or words / expressions that convey esteem or respect and are used in addressing or referring to someone.  The suffix of kan is used for young boys and the suffix of chan is used for young girls.

The pup at the back is Kokoro-chan, Heart-kun’s daughter,  and the pup at the front is Love-kun, Heart-kun’s brother

Heart-kun portrait – Chihuahua


We love you Heart-kun and Family !

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