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Your Feedback Wanted for a Free Give-away of “The Crocodile Hunter” Book

Stephen Robert “Steve” Irwin
nicknamed “The Crocodile Hunter”
was an Australian wildlife expert, television personality, and conservationist.

Born: February 22, 1962, Essendon, Victoria

Died: September 4, 2006, Batt Reef, Port Douglas, Queensland

Spouse: Terri Irwin (married 1992)

Movies: The Crocodile Hunter

Children: Bindi Irwin, Robert Clarence Irwin

Parents: Bob Irwin, Lyn Irwin

Since I created this site seven months ago, the number of views has now reached over 77,000 views.  Many of these are people who are just “passing through”, and whom find the site via Google Images.

I would like to know what other information or subjects you would like to see on this site – that are not already specifically covered.

Anyone whom Follows this site – as a WordPress Blogger, or by Email,  & gives feedback by leaving a comment relevant to this Give-away, on this page, will be entered in a draw for the following book –

The Crocodile Hunter by Steve Irwin and Terry Irwin.

Softcover, 202 pages

Book size : 23.5 cm x 19 cm

Steve Irwin with Baby Alligator at San Francisco Zoo, 2002

Table of Contents

Introduction 1
I The Early Years 8
II The Acco Encounter 25
III Out West, a Wide Brown Land 37
IV Getting Agro 47
V To the Top 67
VI The American Invasion 74
VII On the Road 94
VIII God’s Twenty Acres 135
IX “Old Faithful” 155
X Bindi 170
XI Saving the World from Beerwah 188
Epilogue 198

I will post the book by standard air-mail postage to anywhere in the world. To be entered into the draw, you need to do the following.

Follow this Blog by clicking on the “Follow Fascinating Animals” button on the right if you are a WordPress user, or typing in your email address and then clicking on the “Follow Fascinating Animals” button if you do not have a WordPress account. ( If you are already following this blog, and you comment here about what other content you would like to see on this site, you will be entered into the draw )


Post a relevant and constructive comment about a specific animal related subject or topic that you would like to see on this site, that is not already covered on the site. ( Note:  you can use “Search this Site” and the Categories menu to check if your topic of choice has already been posted here )

The Give-away will run for about one month, ending midnight Western Australian Standard Time (WST) on Thursday 25 October 2012. 

On Friday 26 October, a name will be randomly drawn from all the names of people who follow the 2 steps above.

The recipient of the book will be notified by email by Monday 29 October 2012.   Names, emails, and the winner’s postal address will not be given to anyone.

To find your local time, just google “current time in Western Australia” and then compare the results to the current time where you live.  For example, if it is 8 pm in WST but 8 am earlier where you live, that means you are 12 hours behind Western Australia Standard Time (WST).  Google probably uses a 24 hour clock, so for example, a time of 21:00 means 9pm (as you count to 12 midday then an hour of 13:00 means 1pm and so forth until you count to 21:00 and arrive at 9pm).

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5 thoughts on “Your Feedback Wanted for a Free Give-away of “The Crocodile Hunter” Book

  1. How great that you’re doing so well! Congratulations!
    Yesterday and today a lone pelican swam away from its friends and came to my side of the river for a half-hour visit each day. Yesterday it was within three feet of me. In silent contemplation, we stare at each other until it gets bored and swims back to its friends.
    Perhaps it senses that I’ve not been well?
    More posts about the psyche of animals would be interesting!

  2. Hi Starwise, I already follow your blog, but would love a feature on adopted cats. Many of my friends go to the pound and adopt dogs, but few adopt cats. Is it possible? Other than adopting one off the streets, how does one go about adopting a cat. I ask only because of our new cat, Polly Jingles. (Polly sends her regards.)
    As to the book, we would love it. Poor Steve, I always thought a croc would get him, not a damn stingray. He was quite a character.
    Hope, as always, all is well with you and yours.
    Best regards, Billy

  3. Thank you Z for your input, and I am delighted that you too am interested in the spiritual significance of animals. Perhaps the Pelican is reflecting to you the characteristics of being sociable, co-operative and unselfish – recognising you as a kindred spirit & reminding you that these will get you through. Pelicans don’t sink and can sense change easily. It will be interesting to see if the pelican continues to visit you until you are 100 percent better. I am sending you thoughts for your fast recovery, and will write about the animal psyche later. Thanks again.

  4. Hi Billy, thanks for your input, and your well wishes. I can do a post about adopting cats. It is a good idea, thanks. The book is very good. There is a section on this site “Add your Animal Friend” on which you are welcome to have photos and a story about Polly Jingles cat featured on a page of her own!

  5. thanks
    the pelican appeared for three days.. on the third day i saw that it had a medium-sized catfish caught in its tongue/mouth. i could not get it to come to me, and it was too dangerous for me to go down the rocks to it. (the big rocks are unstable and keep rolling)
    i had to go for tests yesterday and did not get back until night. today i have not seen it, but that doesn’t mean that it’s gone. hopefully it will return and show that the fish has been dislodged or will come for help.
    when i left the other day, a large white heron was in a tree top and it squawked squawked at me. that is very abnormal, and i sensed that it was distressed about the pelican. we do live in harmony here, the birds and i.
    thanks for your feedback, and i will keep watching for the pelican and will give you a report if it returns.