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Some fascinating articles about aquarium fish posted on Squidooooo by Johno!! Please read & share too.

My Tropical Aquarium Critterz

Hi to all my wonder followers. I was hoping you guys could do me a favor by visiting my Squidoo articles I just wrote. I’m experimenting will it at the moment as it could also potentially bring me income if my articles get lots of visits, comments and likes! Be sure to check them out:





(the piranha one is the best!)

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The Give-away Has now Closed with 2 Great prizes

Thank you to two of my followers, Breeze Speaks and Z of Playamart, for giving feedback for the Give-away and in general on this Blog.  I have randomly drawn the give-away of the interesting “Crocodile Hunter” book, plus I have decided to give away a “consolation” prize, which I know that the non-recipient of the Book will like.

So, the first prize is in the post with details about the Give-away, dated 24 September.

The second prize is a set of Endangered Ark Playing cards.  See the links and pictures below. Clicking on the pictures below will show the full card set, and the link shows you close up images in the Gallery.

I will be contacting both prize winners for your addresses, so I can send the book / cards out to you promptly.


Thanks again.  Your feedback is in-valuable.

Interior Minister Ken Salazar – plans to put half of Alaska petroleum reserve off-limits to drilling

14 August 2012. The U.S.A. Bureau of Land Management selects National Petroleum Reserve Alternative B-2; leaves 212 million barrels of oil and 8.6 trillion cubic feet of gas effectively stranded.  Click on the map below to enlarge it.

Many subsistence hunters and environmentalists lobbied to protect habitat for two of the nation’s largest caribou herds, as well as endangered spectacled eider ducks and other Arctic specie.

The plan released was the most protective of four alternatives the Interior Department had put out for public comment.

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Rare albino echidna gets new home in Australia

Raer Albino Echidna

18 October 2012 Last updated at 11:49 GMT

A rare albino echidna has been released after being rescued on the outskirts of Canberra, Australia.

‘Casper’ was found by the side of a busy road two weeks ago, and has been recuperating with carers since.

His new home is Tidbinbilla, a protected nature reserve away from traffic, where it is hoped he will find a mate.

Echidnas are egg-laying mammals which use their long noses and tongues to eat ants and termites.

Brett McNamara, Australian Capital Territory Parks and Conservation Ranger, explains the rare find.

Click here to watch a video.

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Obama Administration supports upgrade in polar bear protection

Polar bears are the largest predators on land, and they are the largest of all bears.  Polar bears have fur and skin that allow them to absorb sunlight for warmth. Their blubber, or fat, insulates them in cold water.  Polar bears have been known to swim 100 miles (161 kilometers) at a stretch.

Thanks to people, like me, whom wrote to the U.S. President, the Obama Administration has announced that it will propose an upgrade in international protection for polar bears (Ursus maritimus) at the next meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

If it passes, that increased protection under   CITES    will help end trophy hunting and stop the global trade in polar bear body parts.

This breakthrough is a major victory for NRDC BioGems Defenders, more than 100,000 of whom wrote to the White House asking President Obama to stand up for polar bears, in the weeks leading up to the administration’s decision.

Around the world, the Natural Resources Defense Council – NRDC – has played a leading role on this issue.  The team recently traveled to Geneva to advocate polar bear conservation with the CITES Standing Committee, and partnered with allies in Norway and the European Union to build international momentum.

Most importantly, the NRDC helped secure the support of Russia — a key player in polar bear conservation — for the US proposal.

Over the next few months NRDC will be updating me as the CITES treaty talks approach — and asking you to take more action to maximize our chances of success.

Please do what you can to help Polar Bears.  Thank you.


S.O.S. – Save Polar Bears – urgent

The Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC) would like you to to champion global polar bear protection right now — so that Russia and other nations will follow the example of the U.S.A.

Last Friday the Russian Federation sent a letter to the Obama Administration promising that Russia would support a resolution to ban the international polar bear fur trade if the U.S. government introduces it.

Now we must prevail on the Administration to seize this extraordinary opportunity — and we must do it quickly. The deadline for our government to submit a resolution is this Thursday, October 4.

The White House needs to hear from you immediately.

Please send a message urging President Obama to lead the way globally by proposing a ban on the commercial trade in polar bear parts at the next meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

This ban could help end one of the biggest threats to polar bear populations. Despite the growing threats of climate change, toxic pollution and oil development that jeopardize the very existence of polar bears, hunters continue to kill hundreds of them every year — and are allowed to sell their body parts legally in the international market.

That madness must end — for the sake of polar bear survival. But time runs out this Thursday 4 October 2012.

Urge President Obama to champion global polar bear protection right now — so that Russia and other nations will follow.

Thank you for answering the polar bear’s SOS.  Please visit the   NRDC   site for more information.

I sent in my customised message.  Will you too??

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