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Some fascinating articles about aquarium fish posted on Squidooooo by Johno!! Please read & share too.

My Tropical Aquarium Critterz

Hi to all my wonder followers. I was hoping you guys could do me a favor by visiting my Squidoo articles I just wrote. I’m experimenting will it at the moment as it could also potentially bring me income if my articles get lots of visits, comments and likes! Be sure to check them out:





(the piranha one is the best!)

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  1. Thanks for the reblog Celine! Did you enjoy the articles? I do know they need a bit of touching up here and there.

  2. Hey Johno, yes, I really enjoyed the articles. I voted too (even though I don’t even own an Aquarium at all currently, hope that is okay!) ! I am very impressed with the Piranha, somehow they remind me of the giant Amazon (?) ants that eat people alive, something like that, haha. I hope you get people reading your articles & commenting.

  3. You should try writing some articles on it. Only if you want to though.

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