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2013 – Year of the Black Snake Chinese New Year & Astrology

Chinese Zodiac Chart

2013 is the Chinese Year of the Black Snake or the Year of the Water Snake.

The theme for this year is to make headway in a slow and methodical way.

Chinese New Year in 2013 begins on February 10th.  The Chinese Lunar New Year is celebrated at the second new moon after the winter solstice. The winter solstice, which falls around December 21, is one of two times of the year when the sun is at its greatest distance from the equator. It is also the shortest day of the year.  Lunar New Year’s Eve is celebrated with family gatherings and festivals.  Cities in China celebrate the 15-day New Year season with firecrackers and fireworks.

This 2013 year of the Snake is meant for steady progress and attention to detail. Focus and discipline will be necessary for you to achieve what you set out to create.


To find out more about Chinese Astrology, please go to this page  here   of my peace website.  According to Chinese Astrology, a complete analysis of an individual has to take into account not only the month and year of birth, but the natural element, the polarity (Yin or Yang), and the day and hour of birth.

This year is the Year of the Black Snake because it corresponds to the natural element of “water” and “water” is associated with the colour “black.”

Because Chinese Astrology has 12 animal zodiac signs and 5 elements, there are 60 combinations in a cycle.   Once you have had a look at the information on my  website (see link above),  you can then use a link to the 60 year cycle to confidently look at the “animal” signs and “element” signs of the current 60 year cycle, at this page  here.   It shows that last year, 2012, was the Year of the Black (Water) Dragon, and next year 2014, will be the Year of the Green (Wood) Horse.   A unique combination occurs only every 60 years, and the information on the page that I gave the link to find out more about Chinese Astrology will explain what these combinations mean.

Now, please read about the Year 2013 – the Year of the Snake – at this page   here   – which I find very interesting.   Rather than copy the information here, I am posting a link to the relevant website.    It gives a picture of this year; for example, unexpected changes, instability, and changeability can be associated with the element of  “water”.   People with “water” in their Chinese sign can be emotional.

You can use the link to the 60 year cycle above to find out what animal sign and element that you were born under; for example I was born in the Year of the Water Rabbit.

Here   is a link to a good website that gives analyses or descriptions of the mix of Western and Chinese sign – for example you can click on “Virgo Rabbit” horoscope to find their interpretation of the category that I fall into.    Besides being a Rabbit (astrologically speaking in Chinese terms), I am a quadruple Virgo !!   No surprises there, to discover that I have four “planets” (including the Sun) in  Virgo   –  the Western Zodiac sign associated with attention to detail, data, and perfectionism.

Note, the above site does not discriminate between a Virgo Water Rabbit and say a Virgo Wood Rabbit, but this page  here  describes the influence of the different elements for the Rabbit.   You can see how a Water Rabbit differs from a Wood Rabbit, and then use that information with what you know about Virgos, if you like.

You can click on one of the Animals at the top to see the elements in combination with that Chinese animal sign, if you are not a Rabbit yourself.

To read more about the Stem – Branch system of Chinese Astrology, try reading this page  here.    Good luck.

Last, but not least, if you are brave enough to learn about snakes, or are genuinely interested in Snakes, you might like to read the 2 posts I have already written on this Blog,  all about beautiful, friendly Snakes !

Well, maybe not all of them are all that friendly, but if you respect Snakes and are careful with them, there is no reason why you can’t co-exist peacefully with them.

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Download a PDF report –   Predictions by Paul Ng  to find out how your Animal self will fare during this Year of the Snake !  You will need the free   Adobe Acrobat Reader  to open and read the report.

If you know your time of birth, you can use the   Chinese Fortune    website to enter in the time zone for your place of birth, and enter in your year, day and month of birth, as well as your local time of birth (with longitude of place of birth being optional) – to get a pretty picture of your animals for your    Year  /  Month  /  Day  /  Hour.

The  Star Whispers  site will explain to you the significance of reading the month, day, and hour, and it has a free very useful calculator which works out the data for the aforementioned.   If you don’t know your Time Zone of the location where you were born, just google it.  Starwhispers also shows the current energies at any point of time, which is wonderful.  Thank you Starwhispers.    Time Zone is only important if you were born on a Hour or Month boundary, as   this   page from Chinese Fortune Calendar explains.


To read about Chinese New Year celebrations

click   here   please.

Happy Chinese New Year 2013

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