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Free Give-away

Submit your digital photo(s) and a short description of your animal companion, for display on this website; and  you will be entered in the draw for one set of the following great prizes.  Sorry, but only those whom have not won a prize from Fascinating Animals before are eligible to apply.

If your name is randomly drawn from the eligible entries in this competition, you wil be invited to choose one prize pack from the two prize packs below.

Prize pack One


Golden Dragonfly brooch / pin

This is a quality, one of a kind beautiful eye-catching brooch.   About 1 1/2 inches from tip of one wingspan to the other (width), and measurement from the head to the tip of the tail is about 2 inches.  She (the dragonfly) or he has small stones, possibly citrine, along her body, and fine enamelling on her/his wings.   I got this pin from Montserrat of the Sacred Feminine website.   See her site  HERE  if you are interesting in having a look at her amazing website.   The spiritual significance of the Dragonfly can be found at this post   HERE  by scrolling down to the Above totem.

Liz Clairborne Blue Bird Brooch / Pin

This pretty little bird has blue, green and clear rhinestones, and is of high quality.  She is 1 1/2 by 2 inches in measurement and in mint condition.

She is sure to get attention when wearing her, and may add the “blue-bird of happiness” to your Life !

You will also receive this nice gold-tone horse head brooch.  It is shiny with a little stone on her bridle, made from thin flat metal, about 1 1/2 inch square.


Prize pack Two

If you are more interested in Disney products, these prizes below may be for you.

ladytramppin Bambi and Bluebirds

Lady and the Tramp

The first item is a cute brooch/pin of Lady and the Tramp.   It is approximately 1 1/2 inches x 1 1/2 inches in dimension, and does not come with a backing card.  The actual picture above is the item you will receive.


This pack also includes a beautiful, very sweet 3-D pin of Bambi and some blue-birds.   The image above is from the Pin Pics website, but the pin you will receive is in mint condition and comes on a backing card reading “Walt’s Classic Collection – Limited Edition”, and is in a plastic protector.  See this link   here   please to get information about this pin from Pin Pics.  This pin is heavy-ish and suitable for pinning onto a back-pack or onto a jumper or jacket, or just having on display.

Prize Pack 2 also includes this gleaming gold-tone foal / horse brooch.  She looks nicer than in the photo that I took.  2 1/2 x 1 3/4 inches in size.


I will post the packs out by standard air-mail postage to anywhere in the world.  To be entered into the draw, you need to do the following.

Before the competition closes, use my “Contact me” page   to send me your email address   and to tell me

  • You want to go in the competition
  • What animal friend you have (i.e. cat, dog, horse, etc.)
  • You have a good quality digital photo of your friend and
  • You are willing and able to write a short “report” or story about her/him, to go with the photo; keeping in mind the following

You will need to have at least one good quality digital photo of your animal friend and be willing to email me that photo (or photos), as well as a SHORT blurb or story about your animal friend to me, by email.  If you don’t have a digital photo, perhaps you can ask someone to take a photo with a mobile phone and then email it to you, or help you upload it to your computer.

By entering this competition, you will be giving me permission to feature your photo(s) and a description of your animal companion on this site.  Your friend will get a page of his or her own, and can be a cat, dog, horse, fish or any other animal companion, baby or full-grown,  that you legally have at home.

If your submission is suitable for this website, you will be entered into the draw.

Once the competition finishes, I will randomly choose a Main Winner whom will be asked to choose the Prize Pack that she/he wants, and the person whose second name is drawn (if there is a second person) will be offered the other prize pack.

  • So, first, you need to contact me to let me know the details of the animal friend that you would like featured on this site and to give me your email.
  • Next, I will email you to confirm you are in the Competition, and to ask you for a digital photo and for a short story about your animal friend.
  • Please see the two pages below for guidelines on what you will have to submit to have your animal friend featured on this site.

Shandy – our animal friends

Caspian – our animal friends

  • I will then create a Page just for your animal friend on this site, under “Our Animal Friends”.   I will notify you once I have done this, which may be before the competition closes or after.
  • Within 3 days of the competition closing, I will email the winners.

The Give-away will run for about two months, ending midnight Western Australian Standard Time (WST)

on Friday 3 May 2013

To find your local time, just google “current time in Western Australia” and then compare the results to the current time where you live.  For example, if it is 8 pm in WST but 8 am earlier where you live, that means you are 12 hours behind Western Australia Standard Time (WST).  Google probably uses a 24 hour clock, so for example, a time of 21:00 means 9pm (as you count to 12 midday then an hour of 13:00 means 1pm and so forth until you count to 21:00 and arrive at 9pm).


Names, emails, and the winner’s postal address will not be given to anyone.

When featuring your animal friend, your full name will not be given out unless you want it to be.  I will mention your fist name only (e.g. see the page titled “Caspian” under the “Our Animal Friends” tab) or I can mention you by your family name, e.g.  From the Smith family –   after the article/description.

In describing your friend, please don’t give out personal information (address etc.) and only write what you feel comfortable with making public.   Your description doesn’t need to be as long as the articles for Shandy and Caspian.   The type of information you might like to provide is – how long you have had your friend for, what the animal’s special characteristics are, how your friend came to be with you, any interesting adventures you have had with her/him/them, what she/he likes eating or doing, and so forth.   If you have several animals in a photo, that is fine, but please describe each one of them.

I will proof-read your article, and edit it if necessary.   I will email you the final description for your approval, BEFORE publishing it.   The animal friends must be your own or your family’s, not random pictures you have taken from the internet or animals that you have seen at a friend’s place or a public place.   They are to be featured as our own animal companions (otherwise called “pets”).    Please do not be dis-honest, as like many animals, I can detect dis-honest people!

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