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Cat-man-Do Furs-Day – No. 2 – The Furminator


a new column by Shandy cat

Dad uses a thing called a Furminator on me now and then.  I like it but only in small doses. The FURminator is a deShedding tool or grooming tool that reduces shedding and removes excess hair from cats and dogs.  Apparently the FURminator deShedding tool was developed by professional groomer Angie Porter.  It has an ergonomic handle and a patented stainless steel blade.



I was amused when mum read out from the internet that there are many sizes for small cats, large cats, small dogs, medium dogs, large dogs and giant dogs.  What about giant cats or tiny cats I wondered to myself?

Then she said there were different formats including Slicker brushes & curry brushes, at which I was astonished.  I thought slicker and curry brushes were for horses!

The first time Dad used the FURminator on my head, Mum gave a yell.  Don’t do his head she yelped, but Dad said it’s alright, it doesn’t pull out his hair by the roots.  He is right as the FURminator just removes the hair that is sitting in the coat.  Mum’s eyes grew round as saucers when she saw quite a lot of loose fur coming out of the brush after dad stroked my head with it.  I was very pleased that I was so good and let dad brush me mostly all over, although I am sensitive on my left flank so I had to warn dad about that.

Anyhow Mum and Dad said that they are delighted with the FURminator and as they only use it once a week, if that, I put up with it.  Mum said it will help me stop getting fur-balls.

There is a video below demonstrating the FURminator.  Look at the Vet, Amanda.  She is wearing Garfield pajamas, amazing!  Mum chose this Video for me to post because the first cat Olly reminds her of her cat friend Minnie when she was a child at home.  Mum was teary and about to take up too much of my time going on about Minnie (whom I thought was a competitor) but I stopped her after she explained to me that she had written a   nice poem about Minnie   on her “peace” site.  Mum had better write a great poem about me or there will be big trouble.


Now that you have watched it, I have to tell you a little about the silver cat Eddy in the video because mum won’t give me my dinner until I do.  She said that Eddy reminds her, tearfully, of a beautiful silver tabby cat that lived in a house next to her years ago.  Unfortunately the neighbours had out-stayed their welcome and fled the country suddenly, leaving Bruce the cat behind.  Mum thought that Bruce was a ridiculous name for such a beautiful cat so she called Bruce – Silvy instead.  Well, Silvy went feral and when he tried to get into mum’s house Mum gallantly tried to grab him but not being very good at that, Silvy or Bruce escaped.

Soon after that, Mum told me sadly, she never saw Silvy again.  When she advised me that he must have been run over or something bad had happened to Silvy, I told her that enough was enough and to get my Whiskas now.

“I can’t help it” Mum told me as she obediently went off to get me my well deserved meal.

I love cats, Mum said.  This made me feel rather happy.  However I did wonder where to find the delete button on mum’s computer so that I could delete that poem about Minnie.

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