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The 100th Post & a Give Away


This is the 100th post on “Fascinating Animals”, since I started this site in March 2012 (due to my appreciation of and love for animals).   Thank you to the loyal supporters of Fascinating Animals.

Breeze Speaks

Bosun Dawg

Playamart – Zeebra Designs  ( Z )

Johno – Freshwater Fish Fanatics

Young Nature Lovers

baby monkey




Bambi and Bluebirds



To win these beautiful pins , if you haven’t won a prize from this site beforejust reply to this post saying what you like about this blog, and how you care for animals, whether that be looking after an animal companion at home or volunteer work with animals, or working with animals.


This is a beautiful, very sweet 3-D pin of Bambi and some blue-birds.   The image above is from the Pin Pics website, but the pin you will receive is in mint condition and comes on a backing card reading “Walt’s Classic Collection – Limited Edition”, and is in a plastic protector.  See this link   here   please to get information about this pin from Pin Pics.  This pin is heavy-ish and suitable for pinning onto a back-pack or onto a jumper or jacket, or just having on display.

Lady and the Tramp

This is a cute brooch/pin of Lady and the Tramp.   It is approximately 1 1/2 inches x 1 1/2 inches in dimension, and does not come with a backing card.  The actual picture above is the item you will receive.


This gleaming gold-tone foal / horse brooch looks nicer than in the photo that I took.  2 1/2 x 1 3/4 inches in size.

The most inspirational and genuine answer will be selected to win the prizes.

You will need to make a comment by logging in with your Facebook or Twitter account, or with a WordPress account or user-name.

If you don’t have a WP blog or account, you can register with WordPress just for a User Name, which you can then use to comment upon and Like posts on WordPress sites.

This page   here   tells you how to sign up for a WordPress Username.   The Give Away will run for 4 weeks and only genuine authentic comments will be considered.

The Give Away closes on Tuesday 4th June 2013. 

Update on 9 June 2013

Nobody has gone in the Give Away, so it has been Closed.  In the “old days” people actually read everything and showed their appreciation through Feedback.  Now it is too hard for them or they don’t have time to do so, sad really.  I like to give back but can’t even give something away for FREE.   

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