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Help stop the Navy’s Attack on Whales NOW

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The U.S. Navy is prepared to kill more than 1,000 whales and other marine mammals during the next five years of testing and training with dangerous sonar and explosives. Tell Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to direct the Navy to adopt common-sense safeguards right away that will protect marine mammals during routine training without sacrificing our national security!


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PLEASE go to  THIS    page right now, and fill in

your contact details for the organisers

and click on SEND to send a message to Secretary Hagel. 

If you can customise your message, so much the better.

Below is the message that I sent – with my own words in blue.


I am writing to you from Australia, on behalf of thousands here.  I am a Biologist and well aware of the effects of sonar and explosives on marine mammal life.  

It is a mark of human civility when we Homo sapiens, supposedly at the pinnacle of Life, can respect Life for what it is, sentient or aware living consciousness; and intend and act upon our duty as custodians of our one Planet Earth.

PLEASE make future generations of human beings proud of your administration, as well as GRATEFUL, for taking these steps.   It is well nigh time that Homo sapiens wake up to the fact that we depend for our survival upon our inter-connectedness and biodiversity, and that we HAVE to stop being the bullies on this planet.  It truly will be a shame if we needlessly kill these cetaceans or gentle giants of the oceans in painful and distressing ways.

As America’s new Secretary of Defense you have a unique opportunity to improve the way the Navy trains in order to save the lives of countless marine mammals — without compromising military readiness. The Navy’s current plan would inflict far-reaching harm on whales and other marine mammals during proposed training and testing with sonar and explosives over the next five years. The Navy’s own damage estimates are appalling: more than 1,000 deaths, thousands of serious injuries and nearly five million instances of temporary hearing loss.

Taking such a staggering toll is unconscionable and unacceptable — especially because the Navy’s plan fails to adopt common-sense measures that would dramatically reduce the risk to whales, without compromising national security. Most importantly, the Navy should put vital areas for marine mammals off-limits to sonar and explosives. According to the scientific community, that is the most effective means of reducing harm.

I urge you to chart a new course by directing the Navy to safeguard marine mammals during routine naval training.

Thank you so much for taking action to ensure the safety of these marine animals.  You can set the “bar” for ethical and indeed sensible action in the form of directing the Navy to comply with the recommendations of marine scientists, to prevent in excess of 10,000 deaths.   The World will be watching.

whale thank you

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One thought on “Help stop the Navy’s Attack on Whales NOW

  1. physicspolice on said:

    More than 1,000 whales and other marine mammals could be killed? No, the Navy report only requests authorization to take 2 whales per year. Check your facts, Mr. Bond!

    Even after exaggerating the number 100 times, it still pales in comparison to the real issue, which is commercial fishing (650,000 marine mammals per year).

    Focusing on this political non-issue doesn’t help save the whales.


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