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Cat-man Do Furs-Day – Number 3 Techno-cat


a new column by Shandy cat


I wish mum and dad would be so kind as to get me my own door.  They are forever letting me in and out of the house and Mum makes a fuss over it and tells me off for going outside then banging on the screen door to be let back in a minute later.  I tell you if I had my own little door then it would save everyone a lot of trouble.

The trouble is that I heard Mum telling Dad that if they ever did try to get me something to give me private access by a convenient pet door, it would have to be the type of door that I open with a magnet on a collar around my neck!!  That is totally laughable as I HATE things around my neck.  Mum and Dad tried putting ordinary Collars around my neck and were truly amazed because I managed to get every single one off.  I can be clever if I want.


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