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UPDATE Australia takes Japan to International Court to save Minke Whales



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From   Whales Alive   –   21 June 2013

The case against Japan’s whaling program being heard at the    International court of Justice   (ICJ) begins at The Hague on Wednesday June 26th.

“Japan will be severely embarrassed by being dragged to this international court” says Mick McIntyre,  Executive Director of Australian based whale conservation group Whales Alive. McIntyre  will be attending the court case as an observer.

The case against Japan has been brought  by the Australian Government who will argue that  Japan’s  whaling program in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary breaches international law .

“We all know that Japan’s so called scientific whaling program is a sham and finally we have the law on our side” says McIntyre.

“We expect the judges of the ICJ to agree with the Australian Government that Japan’s whaling contravenes international law.”

“This case against Japan is a once in a generation opportunity to stop this barbaric whaling, which is outdated, inherently cruel and for products that nobody needs.”


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Meet Pepper – a baby Southern White Rhino

Werribee Open Range Zoo in Victoria, Australia, has welcomed a new female baby Southern White Rhino ( species name Ceratotherium simum) , born at 8.05pm AEST on Thursday 30 May.   The baby was born to mother SiSi and weighs a healthy 69 kilograms.   The baby will be hand raised.  Werribee Open Range Zoo is part of a regional breeding program for the Southern White Rhino.  The White Rhino is the most soical of the 5 species of Rhinoceros and has the most docile nature.

The other species of Rhino (abbreviation for Rhinoceros) are the Sumatran, Black, Greater Horned (or Indian), and Javan Rhinos.   Did you know Rhinoceros means “horned nose” from Rhino (or “nose”) and Ceros (for “horned”)?

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Sounds – Test your Hearing

Pitch or frequency is measured in Hertz and Kilohertz (kHz), while the loudness or amplitude of sound is measured in Decibels.  As amplitude increases, intensity also increases.  Intensity is the amount of energy a sound has over an area.  The more energy a sound wave has, the higher its amplitude or loudness.

A sound you hear in a large area is more intense if you hear it in a smaller area.  In other words, the same sound has greater intensity or is louder in a smaller area or in the area where the sound immediately emanates from.  This is because the  energy of a particular sound distributed throughout a smaller area means more sound waves per unit of space, compared to the same sound distributed throughout a much bigger area.  In other words, in layman’s terms, the further away you are from a sound, the less likely you can hear it.

A whisper is about 10 decibels while thunder is 100 decibels.  Normal conversation is around 60 decibels, and an operating lawn mower, 100 decibels loud.  The weakest sound that can be heard is measured at 0 decibel.  There are such things as “decibel meters” which allow one to measure how loud a sound is.


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HorseWyse Magazine – and Fun Activities



The   HorseWyse Magazine   is Australia’s number 1 magazine for young people, all about Horses!   This Magazine is chock full of interesting information and activities, as well as beautiful pull-out posters and people can subscribe to it yearly to receive 4 issues a year.    The Magazine CAN be posted out to New Zealand, Canada, and the U.S.  Go to their  SUBSCRIPTIONS  page to find out more.

The HorseWyse website is packed full of “goodies” including Articles and Fun online activities.   Click   HERE   to find “Colour-in 1” and “Colour-in 2” which gives you a horsy outline and paints to colour in the picture, to your heart’s content.   Above is our colouring of one of these Activity pictures !!.

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Muscles & Muscle Strain

Last Tuesday I had to walk down 12 flights of stairs in a high-rise office building because the Lifts suddenly went out of order.  Well, I had to “pay” for that later, in terms of my leg muscles being very sore for two to three days afterward.  I was not happy.  I work on 2 floors having to go upstairs and downstairs (or use the Lift if it is working) many times a day and a week.

After this temporary muscle strain, whenever I went downstairs, my calf muscle in one leg or the other or the muscles in my upper legs on the front hurt.  Apparently, walking down the stairs causes more strain on the calf muscles, than does walking up the stairs, because it requires more force to control the muscles in a downward movement, than going upward when the momentum of your whole body helps exert the force for your muscles to help propel your legs!

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Dog Matters

dog anatomyAnatomy of a Dog


Skeleton of a Dog

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