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dog anatomyAnatomy of a Dog


Skeleton of a Dog

Irish Setter

This is of course a beautiful Irish Setter

As a child, I grew up with two beautiful Chow Chows, un-usual dogs like bears, good for hugging.  One was called Tammy, and the other, a smoother coated Chow, was called Tina.  They had purple tongues, and were rather territorial.

I love Irish Setters, and Bernese Mountain Dogs, and for some reason, have always fancied the Groenendael or Belgium Sheepdog.  That was after I got over being in love with Rough Collies (notably, of course, influenced by “Lassie”).

Chow ChowA great example of a Chow Chow – photo link

At the moment, we have one naughty cat at home, though he is now 13 years old –  Shandy.   I would love to have a small dog sometime soon, not a big dog, requiring lots of exercise, but perhaps a Cocker Spaniel (like Lady in “Lady and the Tramp”) or a pug (like Ralph on Burke’s Backyard).   I used to like Pekinese, but not so much now.    Labradors and Golden Retrievers are beautiful dogs, and popular in Australia. 

I love all dogs really.   This site   HERE   gives information on all sorts of dog breeds.   Enjoy.

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