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Meet Pepper – a baby Southern White Rhino

Werribee Open Range Zoo in Victoria, Australia, has welcomed a new female baby Southern White Rhino ( species name Ceratotherium simum) , born at 8.05pm AEST on Thursday 30 May.   The baby was born to mother SiSi and weighs a healthy 69 kilograms.   The baby will be hand raised.  Werribee Open Range Zoo is part of a regional breeding program for the Southern White Rhino.  The White Rhino is the most soical of the 5 species of Rhinoceros and has the most docile nature.

The other species of Rhino (abbreviation for Rhinoceros) are the Sumatran, Black, Greater Horned (or Indian), and Javan Rhinos.   Did you know Rhinoceros means “horned nose” from Rhino (or “nose”) and Ceros (for “horned”)?

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