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Cat-Man Do Furs-Day No. 5 – War of the Catzz


a new column by Shandy cat

Cats fight because it is in their nature to defend their territory, even if they do get spoiled by their human companions and fed rather than having to catch their own food.  The fact is that cats, domesticated or wild, are territorial.  I wanted to write about my “Wars” before but Mum said that it was not a nice subject to write about.  However, she has now relented with the last war of the catzz that I have been in.  As I have been so tired lately, Mum suggested that she paste into this Column an advice she wrote to one of her good friends about it. Here is an abridged version below.

One of the pictures in the rotating banner on this website is of me.  I am the cute and beautiful “shandy” coloured cat asleep.  I am glad that Mum & Dad took me in when I was abandoned at 4 weeks old on New Year’s Eve 2000.   See   THIS   post for more photos of me, if you like, and don’t forget to contact Mum if you would like your beloved animal companion featured on this Site too !!
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Your Recommended Daily Dose of Puppies

norbert-the-french-bulldog_72187_2013-08-13_w450Norbert the French Bull-dog

One day I’ll get myself a puppy friend.  It might very well be a French Bull-dog because I have fallen in love with this one above.  He is sooooooo cute and cuddly looking.  Click on the link above, to see more photos of the gorgeous Norbert.   So sweeeet.

The Daily Puppy website is a fantabulous resource for your daily dose of pups of all breeds, and follow ups of pups that have become adults.  It reads like a Newspaper, and you can submit photos and articles of your own treasured and adorable Puppies.

I follow it by a Widget on my Peace site.   If you have your own website, you can get the Javascript code to paste in the Widget showing a number of new little puppies each day or so.  Just click on the “Get My Widget” under “Puppy Up Your Blog”, although you will have to pay a little bit for it on an annual basis.


The Pale Blue Dot Again – Professor Brian Cox & the Universe

Re-blogging a post from one of my other Blogs here, as it is about the “stuff” that makes us all up, as well as that makes up the Stars!   Please click on the Link above to read or print the Article.

Our Lovely World

Part One


Last night my partner and I went to the PCEC   ( Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre )  to hear U.K. Prof. Brian Cox, Particle Physicist, talk about physics and the cosmos.  The talk ran for 3 hours from 8pm to 11pm.  While we loved the talk and the PCEC and the Riverside Theatre where the talk was held, it was a bit of a torture finding parking and leaving the car park later.

We went into the PCEC car park via Mill Street off St Georges Terrace, where there were Traffic lights.  We drove around for a while, not having driven there before, wondering where the heck all the supposed empty car bays were and wondering which way to go.  Then my partner intelligently saw some bays toward the very back of the car park so we headed that way and got a park.  Luckily, we had left…

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Cat-man Do Furs-Day – No. 4 – a Good Scratch & a good Bed


a new column by Shandy cat

Well, I had most of this post ready for the last Thursday in JUNE, yes June 2013, but Mum forgot to post it back then.  Now not only the last Furs-day in June has passed, but also the last Furs-day in July.   When I at last pointed this out to Mum and politely asked her if she wanted me to continue my Column, she gave a gasp and said “oh no, it’s Cat-man Do Tues-day today, what shall I do?”   She had obviously gone “cuckoo” so I advised her why not wait until the next Furs-day and then post my Post even if it was not the last Thursday of the Month.  In this case, it is the first Furs-day of August.

This confused poor Mum no end.  After some blank looks, then looks of bewilderment, Mum muttered “I suppose I can do that, and then – you can still do your regular post on 29 August or if not, then in September or something or other.”  I tell you !!     So, here it is.  Stand by please, for my monthly Furs-Day post, and blame Mum for it being very, very LATE.

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