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Cat-man Do Furs-Day – No. 4 – a Good Scratch & a good Bed


a new column by Shandy cat

Well, I had most of this post ready for the last Thursday in JUNE, yes June 2013, but Mum forgot to post it back then.  Now not only the last Furs-day in June has passed, but also the last Furs-day in July.   When I at last pointed this out to Mum and politely asked her if she wanted me to continue my Column, she gave a gasp and said “oh no, it’s Cat-man Do Tues-day today, what shall I do?”   She had obviously gone “cuckoo” so I advised her why not wait until the next Furs-day and then post my Post even if it was not the last Thursday of the Month.  In this case, it is the first Furs-day of August.

This confused poor Mum no end.  After some blank looks, then looks of bewilderment, Mum muttered “I suppose I can do that, and then – you can still do your regular post on 29 August or if not, then in September or something or other.”  I tell you !!     So, here it is.  Stand by please, for my monthly Furs-Day post, and blame Mum for it being very, very LATE.


Another complaint I have about Mum is that last year I heard her telling her sister that she would buy me a lovely “SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post”.  This would be a birthday present for me, Mum said, not to stop me scratching the rug which I love doing whenever I come indoors, at night time, to sharpen my claws for my next outing a few minutes later.

This scratching post is the “state of the art” scratcher for cats apparently but from what I could make out from mum mumbling and muttering I heard that it does cost an awful lot.  I don’t know what to say really about Mum not thinking I am worth that much.  I mean in the past she has dragged in the most awful cat tunnels and cat houses and begged me to use them.  Of course I didn’t because they were ridiculous.  Mum can be stupid sometimes.  If she had saved all that money she spent on all the silly techno things like the Cat Flip and the Cat Tunnel then there would be enough for a state of the art scratching post with some left over!

Well, come to think of it, she did have a great scratching post which her sister had kindly given her when I was a youngster but I grew too big for that and kept knocking it over when I raised myself on my hind legs to give it a good scratch.  Too bad that ten years later Mum is still muddling through whether she should get me an Ultimate Scratching Post or some other weird thing that I am supposed to scratch.

Here is a link to information about the Ultimate Scratching Post.  It’s 81 centimetres or 32 inches in height made of fine sisal and you can buy a little cushion to strap onto the perch. With the cushion it costs $200 from Bowhouse and as we do not live in the eastern states of Australia, there would be freight to drive it over to me here in Western Australia, but of course I am more than worth it.

I wouldn’t mind at all if some kind person reading this bought one for me or gave Mum a donation via Paypal for a scratcher for me!  Just use the Contact page on this blog, if you are rich and kind enough to fund this treat for me in my older age.  It’s only $200 for the scratcher and the cushion together, which isn’t much to a person who has more than $200 to spare.  I can dream about a good scratch, can’t I?

Well, It’s Winter here Down Under, and a cosy bed to snuggle in, about five meals a day, good company, a proper food bowl, a Column of his own on WordPress, and – an

Ultimate Scratching Post.

What more could a Cat want?

It has only taken Mum and Dad thirteen years to get me my own comfortable little bed.

Mum loves going in Competitions and she recently went in a Hills Pet Nutrition competition where the entry with the best photo and reason for why you love your senior cat (or dog) wins a blanket from Hills!   Here is Mum’s entry.

We love our beautiful boy Shandy because he was a  Millenium New Year’s Eve “gift” from “heaven”.  As a kitten he gave me the most awesome, beautiful smile of unconditional love that I have ever received.  He is full of life and character, he loves us and is very sweet.

Even I couldn’t haven’t written it better, I think.  Good on you Mum, you’re the one!  Guess what???   Well, good ol’ Mum and I won a BLANKET.   When we got it, Mum said she thought it would be bigger and thicker but silly mum might have been thinking the Blanket was for her or maybe for a giant cat.   The blanket is small and thin but very soft and warm.   It is a great cover for a cat.

Dad had been saying for ages “we need to get Shandy his own bed” and this was a clever thing to say, given that in the past Mum had tried, so good on her for trying, but I have to honestly say that her attempts were pretty woeful.   First of all Mum got me a nice round soft green bed with a white inside, which I did use, but I fast became too big for it.   There was no upgrade in size with that bed from mum or dad, and next thing I knew, mum had got me a sort of red and white checked tartan look-alike “house” thing.  It was awful.

It was like a cloth kennel and I did not like it because it only had one way in.  Once I got in it, I felt trapped and what if in front of me there was a bear or some other dangerous creature, what then?  Poor me, no way out, and there is a bear out there.

Well, phewww, because just last month, Mum & Dad apparently went to a place called Big W, and looked at some Cat Beds.  Mum wanted to get me a cushion for a bed, but dad pointed to a nice little round bed with a sort of hutch.   This cost $25 so I heard.   Mum was very doubtful and said “but I bet he won’t use it.”  Surprise, surprise, MUM, because I love my new Bed !

Here is a photo of it which mum took for this post.   Following that is another pic which Mum also took of me in the Bed at night-time, but of course she didn’t use a Flash, so the photo hasn’t come out perfect.



Of course, this bed is perfect, because it matches my coat colour and pattern, and matches our lounge room colours, and I can hop in but not feel trapped.  It has some cover and even has a mesh back (not clear in the photos) so if I grow (or at least, eat too much) I can just expand my bed a little, and the mesh allows for fresh air in of course, or air out perhaps.  I can rest my chin on the soft edge, or of course, roll myself up in the bed for some privacy and a good cat nap.

And now, last but not least, as Mum says it is always a good idea to leave a picture with the Reader that puts a smile on their face, here’s a picture of my very own Art work.  Don’t tell anyone but Mum was trying desperately to “touch up” the last photo using Adobe Photoshop.   She said “what does this do?” and found the Artistic function on the software programme and I tried out the Swirl.


Who said Cats are not Artists?

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