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The Pale Blue Dot Again – Professor Brian Cox & the Universe

Re-blogging a post from one of my other Blogs here, as it is about the “stuff” that makes us all up, as well as that makes up the Stars!   Please click on the Link above to read or print the Article.

Our Lovely World

Part One


Last night my partner and I went to the PCEC   ( Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre )  to hear U.K. Prof. Brian Cox, Particle Physicist, talk about physics and the cosmos.  The talk ran for 3 hours from 8pm to 11pm.  While we loved the talk and the PCEC and the Riverside Theatre where the talk was held, it was a bit of a torture finding parking and leaving the car park later.

We went into the PCEC car park via Mill Street off St Georges Terrace, where there were Traffic lights.  We drove around for a while, not having driven there before, wondering where the heck all the supposed empty car bays were and wondering which way to go.  Then my partner intelligently saw some bays toward the very back of the car park so we headed that way and got a park.  Luckily, we had left…

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