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Cat-Man Do Furs-Day No. 5 – War of the Catzz


a new column by Shandy cat

Cats fight because it is in their nature to defend their territory, even if they do get spoiled by their human companions and fed rather than having to catch their own food.  The fact is that cats, domesticated or wild, are territorial.  I wanted to write about my “Wars” before but Mum said that it was not a nice subject to write about.  However, she has now relented with the last war of the catzz that I have been in.  As I have been so tired lately, Mum suggested that she paste into this Column an advice she wrote to one of her good friends about it. Here is an abridged version below.

One of the pictures in the rotating banner on this website is of me.  I am the cute and beautiful “shandy” coloured cat asleep.  I am glad that Mum & Dad took me in when I was abandoned at 4 weeks old on New Year’s Eve 2000.   See   THIS   post for more photos of me, if you like, and don’t forget to contact Mum if you would like your beloved animal companion featured on this Site too !!

Sunday 18th August 2013

Unfortunately, our Shandy cat is in the “wars” at the moment.  We took him to the Vet yesterday and it cost $200 as opposed to $800.  A couple of weeks ago he was in a fight outside the front of the house and we found an injury on the inside of his ear, which my partner tended to and it fixed up.  Then we discovered that he must have been bitten on the chin/neck area because he was not eating and not even moving.  I was really alarmed and we noted an abscess had burst and my partner cleaned and tended to him, but it came back last week.

The Vet said she could operate on him for $800 which would mean a quick recovery, or we could treat him medically, which we are doing, and which is torture for us all.  He has one antibioitic tablet per day, half with a meal, which we will have to use a “pill popper” for.  It is like a plastic syringe which one puts the pill in and pushes into the back of his mouth. Yesterday we gave him his half a pill at night with his dinner, but he was woozy and didn’t notice it, this morning we tried putting the half pill with his breakfast but he always found the pill and spat it out.

Well, we also have to use an anti-microbial solution diluted in a syringe to flush out the area.  We did that once today wrapping him in a towel.  Of course he doesn’t like it and it hurts him.  The Vet injected him an anti-inflammatory yesterday but that would have worn off.  She said to flush the wound twice a day for 3 or 4 days, so it doesn’t build up again.


So there you have it in a nut-shell.  Nearly two weeks have passed now and I am well on the road to recovery.  Dad has said that I am very brave and Mum keeps saying how Stoic I am.  The truth is that I can’t do much but accept these afflictions in my Life, though I am very grateful to mum & dad for tending to me, and Mum even asked her overseas friends to send me “healing energy” which they did so.  One of Mum’s friends even said that I have been helping mum and dad subtly by helping them release a past life blockage that is stopping them from realising or believing in their own worth.  How about that?  How good am I?

The lady vet had shaved some of my fur (as I am VERY fluffy) so the area of the injury could be seen and Mum was delighted to see the new soft baby fur growing back just five days later!  I tell you that mum has strong opinions on things, like this –

Shandy was out the front of his own house minding his own business, when another cat came visiting and they ended up fighting.  At the end of this year Shandy will be 14 years old, which is old for a cat.  My partner heard them fighting and rushed out and poor Shandy was getting “worsted’ with the other cat on top of him.  You see, we let him out now and then to do his toileting.  From now on we will only let him out the back when one of us goes out the back when he miaows to go to the toilet, then we will call him back in.  I darn well wish that there was legislation that all cat owners “sterilise” their cats.  It is the “whole” cats that cause alot of trouble, our Shandy cat was “fixed” when he was one year old or so.

Over the telephone when I booked him in I asked can a payment plan be paid if necessary and the answer was a resounding “No” but the lass on the phone said, “you can just book him in for an initial consultation and then you can re-book him for later when you can pay if you like”.  I was surprised and thought “too bad if your animal friend needs immediate surgery or treatment which you can’t pay for”.  I guess society will just let the animal die.

Shandy is a self-healer of sorts and only ever once before needed extreme vet care, i.e. surgery for his shoulder (due to a fight once again) which cost us $600.  Girl cats still fight but not as much, I have found, as my sister had a female cat for 13 years, and that cat (neutered also) did not fight if she could help it.

I read once about an incident in Australia where a boy’s puppy was going to be put down because the family couldn’t afford to pay the vet bill, but the boy went to see the pup and grabbed the dog and ran off with him.  The poor pup had been bashed by some idiots who took offence to something someone in that family had done.  I was livid and felt that if I saw those who harmed that dog that I would do some bashing myself – of them.  Well, luckily in this case anyway, somehow it got into the News, and then donations flooded in so the little dog’s life could be saved.  They are only animals people say.  Why don’t we have payments by instalments for those who patently can’t afford $800 for surgery on an animal companion OR “free public health for old animal companions or those who are harmed by malevolent people”?


I can say this

I am glad that Mum is my mum.

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