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Birthday Give Away – Your Feedback Wanted for a Breyer Chalkboard Horse

Breyer chalkboard horse

To Celebrate my Birthday, which was on 14th September, I am giving away a Chalkboard Horse from Breyer.  This un-usual item can be stood in your Kitchen or other shared area, and used by various members of your family or household to write short color coded messages on, like “Remember the Eggs” or “Back at 9pm”  OR  you can have it in your bed-room and use it to leave yourself messages, or just enjoy it to decorate with the different coloured chalks !!    This Horse is low maintenance, 9.5 inches high with an eraser, and is for Young and Old alike.


Breyer chalkboard horse2



To enter this Giveaway, you need to have NOT won something from here before, AND to leave a comment on this page about –

“What you Like about this Blog, and Why you like Animals”

I will post this Horse to the Winner either to overseas or to any location in Australia by standard air-mail.

The Give-away will end at midnight Western Australian Standard Time (WST)

on Thursday 7 November 2013

The winning entry  will be chosen from all the entries which genuinely answer the two Questions above.

You do not have to mention Horses in your answer, but just have to give a genuine or sincere response to what you like about my blog and why you like animals (or what animals mean to you) – whether your answer includes horses or not !

The recipient of the prize will be notified by email

Names, emails, and the winner’s postal address will not be given to anyone.

To find your local time, just google “current time in Western Australia” and then compare the results to the current time where you live.

For example, if it is 8 pm in Western Australia, where I live ( WST ), but it is 8 am earlier where you live, that means you are 12 hours behind Western Australia Standard Time (WST).

Google probably uses a 24 hour clock, so for example, a time of 21:00 means 9pm (as you count to 12 midday then an hour of 13:00 means 1pm and so forth until you count to 21:00 and arrive at 9pm).

How to Make a Comment

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Don’t worry, Word Press won’t send you unsolicited emails or harass you if you sign up for a User Name.

I have instructions on my Blog on how to sign up for a Word Press User Name.   Please click on the Link below to find out how to sign up for a Word Press User Name so you can leave a Comment.


The other way to leave a Comment is to sign in using your Facebook Account, however I think it is better to sign up for a WordPress User Name instead.  If you choose the Facebook method, you might like to review the privacy settings on your Facebook Account.

How to Follow this Blog  –  note:   you DO NOT have to follow this Blog to go in the “Give Away”

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Nobody entered this Competition, so I gave the Horse away to my Niece.  Seems like I can’t even give anything away – just for some positive feedback.

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