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Gold Fly

austrian fly brooch

austrian fly brooch2

Here is my beautiful gold Austrian pin – Yes, it’s a Fly and she is all the way from Colorado, from an eBay seller,   oldsilverandgold.   This little Fly has a body of 14 carat yellow gold and wings of white gold, and red eyes.  It is a small fly, about 1/12 inch by 1/12 inch in size. She fastens in a kind of “floaty” way via the pronged spiral.  Call me daft if you like, but I am the same as David Attenborough, because both D.A. and I RESPECT all animals, quite different to saying that we love all animals.



If you at all like animals, then you MUST read    “Kinship with All Life”   by J. Allen Boone.  It has an unforgettable chapter in it on Freddy the Fly, a real fly that Mr Boone connects with.

The pretty dainty Fly that I like is of course not the usual awful House Fly (Musca domestica) that people would run and get the Fly Spray in order to kill in a horrible fashion for the fly.   Did you know that Fly spray literally injects neuro-toxins into the insect’s body that lock up its muscles so it can no longer breathe or move?  That’s why a Fly will initially go crazy buzzing around with terror as it can’t breathe, and then all of its muscles will lock up, then of course it stops breathing altogether and dies – painfully.

Yes, house flies are un-clean, but there are other ways to kill flies, like using   flypaper   or a Fly Trap or fly swats.  Plants, crushed mint and essential oils may deter flies, as this website page  HERE   shows.  Of course, keeping your house and surrounds CLEAN and using fly-screens deters files.

There are some good things about Flies. Some flies are pollinators and flies are also master recyclers of waste material. They are the cleaners of the insect kingdom, dissolving and getting rid of waste and debris, and they help decompose dead material which is put back into the earth as nutrients for plants.  Only bees and some wasps pollinate more plants and flowers than flies.

All insects are an integral part of our ecosystems. As part of food chains, insects, including flies, provide sustenance for countless other animals. Flies are a favorite snack for many spiders.

There are over 120,000 species of flies, ranging in size from 1/20th of an inch to well over three inches. Flies are the only insects that have only two wings, all other insects have got four wings.  They have two eyes with lenses of over 4,000 per eye.  The average house fly lives on average 21 days.

The fly is a well-known carrier of viruses, but it does not spread disease on purpose.  What it does is a natural process for the fly.  Did you know the fly is sacred to the Greek god Zeus? The pervasiveness of flies was observed by the ancient Greeks to signify omnipresence. In some Native American symbology, the fly is considered to be a purifier and is asked to consume negative influences and fly away with them – leaving the afflicted free from malady.

I have personally been told by a shaman that if a fly is buzzing around your head persistently, it could demonstrate that you are having recurring or deep negative thoughts.  Once you lighten up and become positive, letting the negative thoughts or worries fall away like soot, the Fly will leave you alone.  Try it out.

Lins Domain talks about the Fly as a totem or animal guide teaching you not to give up (as flies are very persistent in getting what they want), and to value yourself and not have negative thoughts –  read more at   THIS   page of her wonderful website.   Flies are of course, members of the Class Insecta and of the Order Diptera.  The class Insecta is a Class of the Phylum Arthropoda.  For information about the biological classification of life, please see  THIS  page of my blog.

Source for information about Fly Symbology


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  1. I must be daft too, because I liked this piece about flies.

  2. Hee, thank you for “flying” by. 🙂

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