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Your Animal Guide for 2014


Visit Carrie Hart’s Power Animals Unleashed site and venture into the   Enchanted Forest.    Before you enter the Forest, turn up your computer speakers to hear the gurgling brook, take a deep breath and ask to meet the animal whom can guide you throughout this year 2014.  When you are ready, click anywhere you are driven to click and your 2014 Power Animal will appear!!   Share your results here. Continue reading to find out how to find your own personal “Power Animal” and Animal Guides  …..

Note:   The term “Power Animal” with respect to Carrie’s site means one of your Animal Guides, not necessarily your main guardian Animal Guide whom is with you throughout your entire life.  Please see this post   here   for information about Animal Guides and Power Animals / Totem Animals.  Thank you.

My 2013 and 2014 Animal Guide is the Orca.   Thank you to Carrie & the wonderful animals for their “medicine” or wisdom.  Orcas are powerful, intelligent predators, able to live in extreme climates.  Orca “medicine” is not about preying upon others, but about community, loyalty, longevity and the willingness to travel away from home.  ORCA is called the Lord of the Ocean or the Guardian of the Ocean by Northwest Native nations.  In some traditions, the Orca is a symbol of great good luck, revered for its great size and power.  Orca medicine teaches lessons in leadership, communication, and working together as a team.

You can also get a Reading of your Australian Animal Guide by going to  THIS   page and scrolling down until you see “Click here for a READING from the Animals”.  There is a Card and Book set which is now out of print, but the content is available as a PDF on Ann’s website.  Ignore the pop-up “congratulations” advert, just click the x in the top right-hand corner to close it.

Carrie Hart has PDF information sheets about your Power Animals and you can buy a wonderful energised Power Stone from her, as I did.  Below is a picture of my gorgeous Orca Power Stone.

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Enjoy, and share here please.

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6 thoughts on “Your Animal Guide for 2014

  1. that was interesting! lioness and i will travel through 2014 together!

  2. Thank you for sharing here Z, and many Blessings to you and Lioness in 2014

  3. I got the Wolf as my power animal. I’ve always liked wolves and will be great as my power animal in 2014 🙂

  4. how fun! it’s comforting to know that we’re being watched over by such powerful creatures!

  5. That’s wonderful Harmony & thanks so much for sharing, yayyy.

    Carrie Hart has a page showing Power Animal Stones with summary descriptions of the properties or qualities that any particular animal endows for the year as one’s Primary power animal for 2014.


    I see that Wolf means Free Spirit, Path-Finding & Community. That is nice.

  6. It’s amazing that my primary Power Animal for 2014 is the same as for 2013. I was really astonished. That is saying something – that – adaptability, intelligence and synergy are key features for me in the New Year. I can see that is true as I have had a very challenging 2013, but have got thru it by applying adaptability, intelligence & synergy, and it is now apparent I have to continue with these 3 to get thru 2014 successfully.

    Yes, it’s nice to know that these Animals are “walking” with us and supporting us along our Journeys!

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