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Shandy’s Breakfast

Well, I have discontinued the monthly “Cat-man-do” columns updating readers about Shandy cat, because it seemed that nobody except my friend Billy in the U.S.A. ever read them.  In posting them, anyway, it was as much a strategy for me as it was for our cat.  I read somewhere that if you are busy, as I am, running multiple blogs & sites, working, helping others, and writing a book, that it can be a good idea to write & post a regular post on one’s Blog, so I thought what better subject than to blog regularly about than one of my best buddies, Shandy?

So, no more  cat-man-do  posts unless there is a popular demand for their return (and Shandy & I have the time and energy to post them), and instead a random blog post about Shandy cat.  In between posting about my cat friend, I will post here on Fascinating Animals, what I like, when I feel inclined to do so.  So, there you have it.

Shandy catThis photo was taken on 7 January 2014

In this photo Shandy is looking a little solemn and sleepy, perhaps due to the run of hot weather we are having here Down Under, and the fact that he has a fur coat.


I keep trying to get a photo of Shandy smiling at me, and today I had my beloved ipod in one hand and patted him with my other hand, hoping to snap a photo of his winning smile, as I patted him.  You see, every time that I pat his little head, he smiles at me.

Shandy on 27012014

Above is a my best shot to date of him smiling at me, this morning, after we had gone fishing.

He is a tabby and white and beautiful in every sense of the word.  In the photo above, he looks rather tired and fed up, poor thing, and certainly knew I was trying to take a photo of him (at which he was not impressed).  He is 14 years old and has not had alot of quality sleep lately, due to the hot and humid weather, and perhaps by feeling demoralised, being defeated by neighbourhood cats if he ventures out further than his front yard or back yard.

We love him to bits, and his Dad (my partner) looks after him very very well, including catching his breakfast for him today!

Despite my liking and respecting animals, yes, I do go fishing sometimes, and at 7.00am this morning, the Public Holiday for Australia Day, my partner and I took ourselves off to Fremantle, to have a fish for a couple of hours.  I had a pleasant time, videoing and taking photos of nothing much with my beloved ipod, while my partner fished and caught about 12 fish.   Most of them we put back into the sea, but one he kept for Shandy’s breakfast, followed by another which had swallowed the hook and would not survive if returned to the sea.

South Mole FremantleFishing off the rocks at the South Mole, Fremantle

South Mole Fremantle

I spent 4 minutes videoing my bag all the while that I thought I was videoing the waves from the wash of a big ship that passed by, but at least I did snap a photo of the waves lashing the rocks and of my special algae covered rock, that I like to meditate upon.

Anyhow, here is a photo of Shandy’s fish.  One is a whip-tail (the one at the back) & the other is a … well, a fish of some sort.

Shandys fish

Here they are in the fry pan ( poor fish )

Fish Frying

I haven’t got a picture of Shandy eating his breakfast fish, which he did so with relish.  There was a bit of drama just beforehand, because my partner had put the esky containing the fish on ice out on our front patio, by the car.   He had the lid off, and had temporarily abandoned the lid-less esky, then heard something scratching around in the esky so went to investigate.

Shandy cat was half hiding under the car, having a face-off with the next door cat, a beautiful soft silvery gray short-haired cat.  Unfortunately, for that cat visitor, she had smelled the fresh fish and come to get a bit.  It seems Shandy had caught her rummaging around in the esky and had a word or two to the fishy competitor.

When I went to have a look, having been notified by my partner of the situation, I saw the neighbouring cat was lying down, a couple of feet away from Shandy, softly growling her intent to have a breakfast of fresh fish.

I videoed the stand-off at this point, and of course the neighbouring cat ran off when I approached to get better footage, so Shandy got his breakfast of fish after all, with plenty left over for dinner.


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