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AQWA – Aquarium of Western Australia


Yesterday Thursday 26th June, I went with my sister & partner to AQWA at Hillary’s Boat Harbour, Western Australia.

AQWA – the Aquarium of Western Australia is a privately owned aquarium and is Australia’s largest single aquarium and walk-through underwater tunnel.  It is open daily from 10.00am to 5.00pm – see their website at the Link below.



AQWA was first Underwater World which was bought in 1991 by the founder of Coral World International.   The philosophy was to keep the people captive – not the animals.  On 1 January 2001, the aquarium was relaunched as “AQWA – The Aquarium of Western Australia” to showcase the marine life and unique regions of Western Australia’s magnificent 12,000km coastline.

You can read about the 8 areas that AQWA covers by going to “About AQWA” on their site, and clicking on “Exhibit Information.”

We really enjoyed our visit to AQWA.  We probably spent one and a half hours there.  At the start of the trek through AQWA there were beautiful small tanks with the most gorgeous tiny baby fish in them.  My sister loved the tank with the Clown-fish and the Dory in it, just like they were straight out of “Finding Nemo”.

There were plenty of educational notes such as Quiz questions and a Guide map that came with the entry.  It cost us adults $29 each.  There was even a thermal imaging mat somewhere and everyone whom pressed their hand upon it, left a nice heat “map” or sketch of their hand – everyone except me.  Wow, I didn’t know my hands were that cold, LOL.

I must say parking was a bit bewildering but we managed to park nearby, and not all the displays had fish and species identification plaques or information next to them.

However, the “piece de resistance” (most remarkable feature) was certainly the Underwater Tunnel.

Wow, how spectacular that was.  You stand on a moving path / sidewalk and rotate very slowly around a huge mammoth sized tank.   Not only that but the tank is actually a tunnel tank, meaning the glass is sculpted to create or have a tunnel which you walk through.  The best explanation is a Photo.  See below please (taken from the Internet, source credited).

TunnelImage Source

And here are photos that I managed to take with our Canon digital camera.  Click on a photo to see it larger.  You can then navigate to the next photo by clicking on the  >  and return to the post by clicking on the small   x   in the upper left-hand corner.



Below is a nice photo that my partner took of a magnificent blue fish in one of the little tanks.




Last but not least, in fact, this is my very favourite photo below, is a pic that I took of a Sea Snake.  I have to confess that my partner and I felt sorry for the sea snake as he/she didn’t have much room and seemed to be incessantly snaking around as if the creature was looking for a way out.  I think I would too if I was such a magnificent sea snake.



Very last of all, the trek through AQWA nicely takes you all through the Cafe to the – SHOP – and what a nice shop it is too.  I almost bought a pink Seahorse toy for $15, but instead opted for a rainbow coloured pen with a dolphin top and a little star.  My sister got one too ($5 a pen) and my Dolphin is pink with a yellow snout and hers is purple.  We also put a $2 coin into a machine to get a Souvenir Medallion each.  Mine has the Leafy Sea-Horse on it and my sister’s a Shark image !!



To cap off our day, we had a delicious lunch at The Boulevard.  There are plenty of different places to eat at nearby.   My sister and I had Snapper & Chips for $17 each, and my partner had a very nice steak sandwich with chips for $18.   Of course, after that, having seen an English sweets shop called “Sweethearts”, we eagerly stopped by there – for a while – and had an excellent time examining the huge range of wonderful English/British Sweets / lollies available.

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