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I bought a Cheep

There’s a television advert where the woman says “Yes, Michael, I bought a Jeep”.  Well, I am saying: Michael, I bought a Cheep.  I went onto eBay looking for something or other and found this very cute baby Gund fluffy chick, so I bought her.  Isn’t she sweet and I’m sure she would cheep if she could.






The chick is the most gorgeous butter yellow colour, in mint condition and cuddly.  Below is a link to the eBay store that I bought her from.


I also bought a splendid old Calendar from the year 2000, with movie pictures from Judy Garland’s “The Wizard of Oz”.  I love The WOZ and of course, Toto, the little dog and the brave Lion, and the Winged Monkeys.  The original story by L. Frank Baum is quite different to the movie, but I absolutely love the movie.  Here are some pictures of my Calendar.




Michael has tons of wonderful and interesting items, well priced, for sale.  You can negotiate or “Make an Offer” for some of them, and he is friendly and posts out the items promptly and well packaged.

Plus, he runs his ebay store from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States, and that is a very nice sounding address !


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