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Your Animal Guide for 2015

Note:  The Enchanted Forest visit used to be FREE but now you have to pay, to use the service!  You can pay $1.55 USD for a once off reading to get your Power Animal, if you like.

Visit Carrie Hart’s Power Animals Unleashed site and venture into the   Enchanted Forest.    Before you enter the Forest, turn up your computer speakers to hear the gurgling brook, take a deep breath and ask to meet the animal whom can guide you throughout this year 2015.  When you are ready, click anywhere you are driven to click and your 2015 Power Animal will appear!!   Share your results here. Continue reading to find out how to find your own personal “Power Animal” and Animal Guides  …..

Note:   The term “Power Animal” with respect to Carrie’s site means one of your Animal Guides, not necessarily your main guardian Animal Guide whom is with you throughout your entire life.  Please see this post   here   for information about Animal Guides and Power Animals / Totem Animals.  Thank you.

My Power Animal for 2015 is the Polar Bear!  The Polar Bear is enormously strong and full of courage.  He/She will help me stand up to the challenges of life, so that I am never overwhelmed, no matter how large the challenges are.  For I am the polar bear, and I do not back down.

You can also get a Reading of your Australian Animal Guide by going to  THIS   page and scrolling down until you see “Click here for a READING from the Animals”.  There is a Card and Book set which is now out of print, but the content is available as a PDF on Ann’s website.

Enjoy, and share here please.

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3 thoughts on “Your Animal Guide for 2015

  1. My power animal for 2015 is interesting, the Bear 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for sharing, Harmony. That’s beary interesting to hear your totem for 2015 is BEAR. Brown Bear also means to be courageous and strong. I am sure you will be with the help of breathing in the Bear Spirit. Namaste. ❤

  3. I think the Bear is very suitable for me as I am strong and can be brave but need to balance it with care and acceptance. Have purchased a Bear stone and the PDF and audio from the site. Thanks. Interesting that you got the Polar Bear that is greatly brave and faces challenges well. Best wishes for 2015.

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