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Geckos and Elephants


Well, here are pictures of my new acquisitions, being a beautiful sparkly silver Elephant key-chain and a gold-tone Lizard / Gecko eye-glass holder pin ( 1 3/4 inches in length)  !! I bought the Ellie key chain, which I’ve attached to my handbag, from my local news-agency for $10.  It has no maker’s mark on it at all, but I really love it and it is blingy and a good size, at 2 inches from the tip of her trunk to the tip of her tail, and just over 1 inch from top to bottom. It is good quality and heavy-ish too.

I was rather pleased to come across the gorgeous gold Gecko brooch, as I call her, because over the past 2 weeks my partner and I have been rescuing baby Geckos, as I’ll explain in a moment.

First I am going to say that although the Gecko cost me $19.95, I thought when I saw her, that it was another “sign” that I am on the right path at this stage of my Life.


You see, I have been asking my Higher Self, Guides and Angelic Helpers, of which I firmly believe that we all have them, for signs that I am moving ahead and am on the “right path”.  This is because I returned to work recently after major surgery last October, only to be embroiled in what I say to myself is “WAR”. Now no-one was more surprised than me to have this thought of WAR so strongly in my head, that I knew that it must be true for me, in some way, and must be part of the next step in my spiritual development.

Well, what is this metaphoric WAR about?  It is actually a “battle of wills”.

Presently, I am facing difficulties in relating to an acting Manager at work, who doesn’t listen or communicate well, and whom can’t do some of the job that he is paid good money to do, so he is fobbing off certain tasks onto me, which he should be doing. These are routine uninteresting tasks for me.  My Return to Work programme started off with my working on other jobs too, which are much more creative and interesting, but he took these off me, because he doesn’t know how to do some important tasks and so is making me do them.

He is getting away with it too, as HR have said he can allocate tasks as he likes, even if I don’t like it, as long as he is “professional” whatever that means. So, there is the “War” with him, which I am waging by tweaking my methods – first of all I have been standing my ground and speaking up for myself, even to my own astonishment. Next I have been furiously looking at all of my opportunities, of which luckily, there are a great many for me, and I have been PLANNING actions toward fulfilling all or some of them, in fine detail.

After all, we all need to take concerted or real ACTION in this 3-D drama that we live in. The bit about “angelic” help in this Post means that if we ask, we can receive sudden inspiration or intuition, of which we know sometimes it is from “the other side” i.e. not one’s own original thought or idea – but “someone else” has planted it there. Also I believe if we ask for a “sign” with a force of intensity or with full intention to ask and receive, we will get it.

So, my will to be genuinely valued, consulted with and listened to; and  and not have work dumped upon me is up against his will to cruise along, and in theory, to dump work upon me.  Well, I can’t do the work if I am not there, and I have planned alot of leave, and to talk to someone about his suitability for staying on with us, and these are just 2 of many assertive, non-harmful actions that I have planned.


Now that I’ve unburdened myself with that, back to the Geckos. It is Autumn here Down Under and a few baby Geckos sometimes are found in our house, not a plague of them, but only one or two about this time. The first we discovered 2 weeks ago was very small and alas had some of it’s front leg left and all of its hand missing, as in the photo above.

As you can imagine, I was horrified and took a couple of photos of it in a small Tupperware container, before releasing it outdoors. I raced to my computer to “Google” why it was missing some parts and would they grow back. I found that salamanders and newts may grow back digits (toes) but not Lizards.

To my surprise, I also learned that sometimes the baby Geckos attack each other, and a baby loses its foot. Geeeeee, I wouldn’t like to be an attacked baby Gecko, especially the “runt” ( the smallest ) as I think this one was.

NOW, if anyone knows what type of Gecko this is, please let me know. I think it may be an Asian House Gecko – see link below – but I am not 100 percent sure.

Queensland Government – Asian House Gecko

Well, this past week we saw another baby Gecko, a bigger one this time, but I don’t have a photo of it. It was quite late at night and we were tired so into the Tupperware container it went, with foil on the top which my partner punched holes into with a fork, for oxygen so the creature had enough air. Late the next day I awoke, having had a well deserved lie-in, and raced off to check on the Gecko.

My partner asked “has he eaten his biscuit?” and I found the answer was no. I am pretty sure that Geckos eat insects, not biscuit crumbs. I raced around the kitchen looking for a bottle top to put some water into, to give our friend a drink, then screeched to a stop, thinking what am I doing, I should release him now.

So, I took the container out-doors and put it on its side, next to a rock to give the baby some cover. It had been raining and there was a lovely freshness to the earth and the plants and in the air. It was so lovely to see our Gecko put his head out of the plastic container, and then a bit more, and so on until he finally left his temporary residence. I wished him or her well, even if he or she had squabbled with a sibling.

Now getting back to the Lizard pin and to SIGNS, I took the fact that when I walked into the Optometrist on Thursday, the first thing that I saw being the beautiful gold Lizard brooch, was my SIGN that I am the right path.  I had been there twice before and had never seen it.  In fact, the store definitely did not have it before that Thursday, when I was there, because I had looked through their available accessories on my previous two visits, and not seen it.

The Lizard Brooch can be worn just as a brooch, but could come in handy if I want to remove my spectacles and hang them up on the lizard’s tail ! I think it would be a nice gift for someone who takes their glasses off alot and would like a stylish brooch or pin on their jacket, to hold their glasses temporarily.

The back of the packaging says aviva optical and their website is   www.avivaoptical.com.au.

Because of the stress work has been causing me, I splashed out on buying the Elephant and the Gecko. The day that I bought the elephant charm, I saw a Facebook post about helping Asian Elephants and smiled to myself, knowing that I was already helping  Bona, the Elephant,  and now I had my charm to carry about with me, to give me “elephant magic” and to remind myself of my mission to look after animals.

I also am proud and excited to have my beautiful Gecko spectacle brooch also, which reminds me that Animals have rights too, and reminds me to keep caring for our animal companions.

If anyone has interesting facts about the Geckos we found ( not anything about them being a nuisance, because they aren’t, not to us anyway ), please make a Comment, thank you.  Below is a close-up photo of our tiny baby Gecko, the one with the missing limb.  Cute hey, with its stripes and big eyes.  I hope it is okay.  I sent a prayer to Angel Fhelyai, the angel that looks after animals, to take care of my baby geckos.



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