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Incy Wincy Spider – or Spider Woman

Little Miss Starwise stood by the train

Waiting for transport which soon came

There winched down beside her

a little black spider

which made Little Miss try to hide her

This is a little ditty that I wrote on Thursday 19 August 2015.  You may be able to tell the Story behind it.

I was waiting on the train platform to catch the train to work, when to my surprise, a beautiful small black spider winched her way down beside me on my right.  It was almost as though she ( why say “he” all the time ) was saying hello to me personally.  The thing is she landed on the concrete, much to my alarm, as there were many Homo sapiens species ( people ) standing restlessly around.  I tried sending a message telepathically to the spider, an image of being stepped on, which I imagined happening to me & it was not at all a pleasant thought.  She could have been Charlotte.

To my greater alarm, the train arrived, so I quickly moved protectively closer to her, to shelter her from giant feet.  Luckily, this little spider had her wits about her, and sensing vibrations on the ground, etc. she promptly began winching her way back along her beautiful thread, which was invisible to me, but must have still been anchoring her to her anchor point.  I was relieved until the girl standing a few centimeters from the spider on the other side to where I was standing, lumbered forward and I thought her crooked elbow or lurching steps may propel her into my spider friend.


So I said loudly to her “be careful, there’s a spider there on it’s web” and got ready to give her a shove, if need be.  I didn’t want my spider being knocked off her pathway, or landing on this Homo sapiens and being carried away to goodness knows where.  I think she may not have heard me, or she may have ignored me.  Fortunately, she passed by the spider on her thread.  I smiled and after making sure the spider was safe, I headed onto the train.

Now, I quite like spiders and snakes too, although ‘quite’ means I don’t like huge spiders like tarantulas or like poisonous spiders.  I think all snakes are awesome, and love the “Dreaming” of Australia’s First People where the Snake or the Serpent created the landscapes!   I have a beautiful small and rare figurine of “Little Miss Muffet” which I have at work, both to remind me that spiders have their place in this world, and to remind me of stories ( as I am a story writer and the figurine continues to give me inspiration).

Lefton Little Miss Muffet-1

Lefton Little Miss Muffet-4 Lefton Little Miss Muffet-3 Lefton Little Miss Muffet-2

This beautiful vintage “Lefton” Little Miss Muffet figurine is so cute. She is in excellent condition with no cracks or chips. Nice detail. Spaghetti like bangs and pigtails. She is marked on the bottom “Little Miss Muffet” with the number “K1052”. “Lefton China Hand Painted Gold Leaf. Measures about 4″ H x 3″ L x 2” W. Lefton China with Crown Hand Painted emblem on the bottom. KW1052 and Little Miss Muffet. Excellent condition.



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