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Ocean Currents – “Oceana”


Please support “Oceana” however you can.  You can read about their great work in 2015 and accomplishments to support healthy oceans, via their regular blog or Newsletters.


Click on the title “Ocean Currents” to view all posts there.

To see more photos and blog posts of my personal experiences at the Ocean, visit my other Blog “Our Lovely World”.



Smart machine feeds Strays – highlights abandoned Turkey pets


To raise awareness, a Turkish company, Pudgeon, has designed an innovative vending machine that not only helps feed these stray animals but takes care of recycling, too. When you feed the machine a plastic bottle, it disperses food and water for stray cats and dogs.

Hopefully this concept will get the outside world as well as the authorities in Turkey doing something to humanely decrease the plethora of stray animals roaming Turkey streets.

Read more  HERE

Mythical Animals

Pictures below are By Jetseppi or Stephanie (Deviant Art)


Artwork by Stephanie Hennen

Some links to mythical animals here!

Pi-Xie or Pi-Yao –

winged lion bodied, dragon headed creature


Mythical Creatures Countdowns


Wikipedia – List of Legendary Creatures


Ultimate Creatures of Harry Potter


Creatures of Middle Earth – Lord of the Rings


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Happy New Year !

Our Lovely World

2016 The Year of Completion  ( see Elizabeth Peru’s message )

I have created a New Year’s card using Jib Jab.

As I can’t embed it here, I am posting the Link to it below.

My Happy New Year Jib-Jab Card

Click on the square at the bottom right of the Player to see the Video in Full-screen !

Enjoy if you do, and wishing you a Peaceful, Joyous, and Abundant 2016 and Beyond !   Head over to my other Blog Fascinating Animals for info on the Year of the Monkey.

Happy New Year bunnies

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