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Mythical Animals

Pictures below are By Jetseppi or Stephanie (Deviant Art)


Artwork by Stephanie Hennen

Some links to mythical animals here!

Pi-Xie or Pi-Yao –

winged lion bodied, dragon headed creature


Mythical Creatures Countdowns


Wikipedia – List of Legendary Creatures


Ultimate Creatures of Harry Potter


Creatures of Middle Earth – Lord of the Rings


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5 thoughts on “Mythical Animals

  1. What a beautiful Unicorn 🙂

  2. Yes, and I am getting 2 beautiful Unicorn pendants. Diana Cooper knows alot about unicorns and I met one during Carrie’s and Valerie’s inaugural “Animal Wisdom” journeys. The unicorn I met was called Pangea or something like that. See http://www.peaceinpractice.iinet.net.au/Animal%20Messages.html

  3. That’s interesting, thank you. I’ll have a look, as I have a Unicorn that walks with me x

  4. You forgot heffalumps and woozles from Winnie-the-Pooh.

  5. hahaha, how could I forget the Pooh’s woozy and heffalump animal widllife. I’d rather be with a heffalump sometimes than with a human.

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