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Stevie Wonder-Cat


The sweet little pretty Cat that likes to go Hiking !


Patrick Corr wasn’t a cat person until he met Stevie the blind cat who was in desperate need of a home. She changed him forever. He has said “I didn’t adopt Stevie when she was a kitten. I wasn’t even looking to adopt a cat, but when I heard she badly needed a home, I couldn’t resist.”

“She’s like any cat really, except that she’s blind. I adopted her 3 years ago from a local cat vet hospital as she badly needed a home. The Animal Care Society of Cork had been paying for her stay there for months, as no-one wanted to adopt her. Go figure.”



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Stevie likes Hiking and she & Patrick will soon be hiking to raise money for Animal Welfare groups in Ireland.   You can contribute with a Donation    HERE.

A  BIG  THANK YOU to Patrick & to Stevie, best buddies forever, helping to highlight the fact that Animals are souls in physical form, just like Homo sapiens!

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