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A Tribute to Shandy Cat


Goodbye to an awesome wise being, our cat friend Shandy.   Shandy our sweeeeet little beautiful furry friend passed away on Wednesday 24 February 2016 at 2.33 pm our time.

Esan & I will miss him and after some time, my grief will heal and his Spirit will carry me on.   Shandy lived with us for 16 years since he was a baby, a gift from Heaven, our Millennium cat whom kept Esan and I together, and taught us responsibility.

His Earthly “tour of duty” is over, but I like to think of him now in Heaven and I told him that I will meet him again one day.   His body just packed up internally and there wasn’t alot that could be done for him to make him comfortable and happy and little chance of a full recovery.  He knew he was ill so we said our Goodbyes.  I played him some music from Lia Scallon’s CD “A Song for the Animals” at our local Veterinarian and that helped.  He went peacefully and we buried him in his garden.

Here are some links to “History” or to His Story.

Cat-man-Do Column ( Shandy’s Column ) – started on the 28 March 2013


Shandy, my Cat Friend



Happy Birthday Shandy!


What my Cat Taught Me


Shandy has also taught me many other things –

  • You can be happy with simplicity
  • Life is not about collecting things materially to make yourself feel loved
  • The best thing to do when you are sick, is to look after yourself and to rest & hope you get better
  • Smile a lot at the person or Being that you Love
  • Enjoy Life while you can


Thank you Shandy




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7 thoughts on “A Tribute to Shandy Cat

  1. Starwise, our hearts go out to you , Esan, and most especially Shandy-Cat. Our animal friends give us so much and ask so little. I know you’re sad – as am I – but he gave you 16 years of unconditional love, and his spirit will live on in your heart (and on this blog.) Shandy’s passing makes us realize just how lucky we are that Polly Jingles chose to live with us (Kathy thinks Polly looks like a short haired Shandy.) Again, we are so sorry for your loss. You and Esan were lucky to share in Shandy’s life, and he was lucky to share in yours.

  2. i am so sorry; it will take a while to adapt to that anticipation of shandy cat’s presence, though i suspect he’s watching over you… he was a gorgeous creature and for sure a gift sent especially for you.

    i just noted the ‘only when the last tree has died’ quote at the bottom right – i am presently painting a sign with that quote, and it will be tucked along a trail on the property.


  3. Thank you, you are right and we will miss him. It was so sudden, fine on Tuesday then on Wednesday Esan went to his out-door hiding place & he couldn’t get up. Esan put him in his bed indoors and fed him. Shandy tried to get up, yelping with pain. He got out of his bed but went right back into his bed, to try to escape what was troubling him. As soon as our Vet was open Esan took him there, to find our cat had had a Stroke & his back legs were numb, and his heart and one lung failing him, and they gave him strong pain-killers.

    Luckily my Manager said “pets are like Family” and let me go home. Our Shandy looked solemn and distressed and his eyes were glazed. I said “Kiss for Mummy” and kissed him. He was mentally clear and knew he was in serious trouble, but he just wanted it to go away. The advice was either to keep him for a bit longer, frightened, and not able to live a normal life, while trying to ease his pain, or send him to sleep. Esan was with him at the very end, he looked into his eyes & said “You go to sleep now, you’re tired” and it was over with quickly. I’m so glad he didn’t suffer much discomfort.

    I have designed Pass Along Cards which are currently at the Printers being produced. and should be ready by the end of March. They are to be passed along, so that people can submit messages about what their animal friend taught them, and the messages will be put on a special Page of this Blog. I would like to post a few Cards out to you once I receive them. See Images in the Post above. 🙂

  4. Thank you Z, for your beautiful comment. Yes it is taking us a while to adapt. I kept thinking "where is he?" and we expect him to be around or at the door, etc. It is very sad for us as we were so attached to that cat (another thing he has taught us – don't become overly attached to anything to off-set disappointment). During Shandy's last week, I caught him looking at me with a wise, loving, kind expression and it reminded me of when he was a Kitten, standing next to me, and he looked up at me with a big loving smile of un-bridled Love. One day we humans will realize that what we ARE or what we DO not what we HAVE is what counts in the merry-go-round we call Life. ❤

    I have designed Pass Along Cards which are currently at the Printers being produced. and should be ready by the end of March. They are to be passed along, so that people can submit messages about what their animal friend taught them, and the messages will be put on a special Page of this Blog. See the Images that I have added to my Post above.

    Please use the Contact form on this Blog to send me your Address if you would like some Cards to be posted to you, so you can leave your own “Paws for Thought” & pass along the Cards.

  5. Ethan Lazzerini on said:

    Really sorry to hear this Starwise and it must have been such a shock for you all. So sorry for your loss. Im sure he is thinking of the amazing life he had when you took him in and how happy he was with his time with you both. Bless his sweet soul

  6. Thank you Ethan, a few years ago I asked an animal communicator to ask Shandy what would make him happier and Shandy”s reply was that Shandy wanted my partner and I to be more in alignment with each other. I was really surprised, and very touched by this. Some ask how can a Cat say this? Well, just look it up, there are many proven Animal Communicators around the world, and they get ideas or concepts from animals via images mainly, or by images / impressions, and even by hearing words. I have tried it out myself and it works!

    Our Shandy cat stayed with us until the two of us weren’t at “cross purposes” so much, and I think that at his Soul level, he chose to leave, knowing is mission was accomplished. We all 3 knew that something significant was about to happen.

    A bright shining star is in the Heavens now.

    😂. 😇. 😘

  7. for sure, any pet that basks in your love and attention is a very blessed one. it’s great when the soul of the animal is as strong as its ‘evolved caretakers’… yes, it will take a while before your habits and expectations find new routes through the days. you surely have lots of mementos to keep Shandy’s presence close at hand.

    again, lucky cat to have spent glorious years with you!

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