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Shandy the Millenium Gift from Heaven

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Thank you to Ethan for doing a Card reading for me recently.  “A Message from Heaven” came up which was clearly a message from our beautiful boy, to say “I’m still around, don’t worry.”  On Sunday 27th February I was moping around the house, thinking of course about our beautiful Shandy cat, whom I still miss ALOT and then ….. I felt his loving presence.   Hooray!!

Animals are so amazing.  They truly care about us and worry over the bad energies we pick up from our workplaces, etc. and truly wish for us to be peaceful and happy.  They pick up negative energies from us and this stresses them, or makes them jittery.  Be nice to each other and look after yourself, not just for yourself, but for the sake of your animal friends.

Love your animal companions well, while you can.   If you would like to submit your message about what your Animal friend teaches you, please email me:

thehumanring@gmail.com   and I’ll post you out FREE a

“Pass-Along Card”

No longer by our Sides, but Forever in our Hearts.

Our best friend,  Shandy

The words in this Video say exactly what I want to say.  Thank you  B.J.


Most of all, I miss your awesome loving smile.

We will Meet again one Day !


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