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Collective Hearts save abandoned Pup

Jakk puppy

A deformed puppy was abandoned in a Skip or a Dumpster in Western Australia recently, out the back of a “Hungry Jacks” restaurant.  Luckily for this little fellow, whom has been named Jakk, an employee heard his cries and took it upon herself to look in the bin, where she rescued this cute pup.

Jakk may have “swimmers syndrome” – one of his front legs is crooked and the other has a paw with only a few toes.  WA Pet Project took him on, and Jakk’s temporary carer Edith has said she has no hard feelings against whoever dumped him, who MAY be backyard breeders.  For a lovely photo of Jakk and more on this story, click on the Link below.


When I saw this story on our television News then “googled” it, I was immediately dismayed and angry with whoever put this pup into the Skip, especially because of my personal context – it reminded me of when I was a kid at home & a family cat, a Chinchilla with one eye (as the other had been pecked out when she was a kitten) was killed by dogs.  Then dad simply picked up her dead body and threw it out with the rubbish, an act which I felt awful about because then and now to me, it wasn’t all that respectful.

I feel so glad and thankful that collectively people who have been made aware of Jakk’s plight via the generic Media and Social Media are contributing toward the substantial financial costs for Jakk’s rehabilitation.  I also pray and hope that many other abused or neglected animals around the world stop being abused and neglected, and indeed that animals are not abused or neglected in the first place.

I noted the photographer who has taken such beautiful photos of Jakk, has alluded to whoever abandoned the pup as “being the personification of evil” which I think is stretching it a bit far.  Of course it is cruel to abandon an animal only a few days old, in a skip, with the rubbish, when it may not be found or found too late, but “the personification of evil?”  This is what Facebook and Social Media allow – the easy throw-away labels – condemning people – perhaps while not looking at one’s own short-comings.  See Facebook post below.

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