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Your Power Animal for 2017

Happy New Year bunnies


Carrie Hart runs the “Enchanted Forest” where you can sign up for a daily Animal message or Guide.

For the whole month of January 2017, Carrie is offering FREE access to her Enchanted Forest for one Week

so that people can get their


To receive your free week of access to Power Animals Unleashed

click on the Link below


Enter your name, email

and the coupon code 2017

Be sure to use this coupon before

the end of January 2017

It gives you one week of free membership so that you might meet your primary Power Animal for 2017—as a gift from Carrie Hart to YOU.

Ongoing memberships are not expensive and can be paid monthly or yearly, so that every morning you can go to the Enchanted Forest and click & that day’s Animal Guide will appear just for you.

You can also pay for just one week’s access to the Forest, whenever you would like your Power Animal guides just for a week.  But first, make use of Carrie’s  FREE GIFT by using the Code  2017  on her website for



What are you waiting for ??


My 2017   Power Animal is the:    DOLPHIN


Please note that these Power Animals from the Enchanted Forest may be “passing” or itinerant or temporary Animal Guides.    They may not be the same as your permanent Animal Guides or Animal Totems !    To find out more about Animal Guides and Animal Totems  ….

click on   THIS   link 




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Let us know by commenting on this Post, what your 2017 Power Animal is, and I will randomly draw a name from those who make a Comment telling us what their one Power Animal for the year is –  to win a superb mint condition 3-D Lenticular “Disney Winnie the Pooh” greeting card !   This Give-away closes at the end of the day on Tuesday 31 January 2017, Perth Western Australia time.




The photos don’t do justice to show the astonishing 3-D effect of this card which you can put by your Desk or on your Fridge, or just keep close by, to admire.  I don’t have an envelope for this card but you will probably keep it for yourself anyhow!

Visit   Miss Girlie Girl’s   website for more information.


May the Power Animals Be with You

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2 thoughts on “Your Power Animal for 2017

  1. My power animal is Cougar – fitness, success and focus 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing here. May the Cougar be with You !

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