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Story Dogs help children read

Story Dog Puppy
the blog author with Sid a Brussels Griffon

I count myself very lucky, being someone whom respects all animals, and meeting the cutest special little pup ever this week!

Introducing Sidney Swain (or Sidney for short), a gorgeous soft cuddly beautiful amazing Brussels Griffon puppy. Sidney is the younger brother of the wonderful handsome, sweet and adorable Erik the Brave.

Erik the Brave is is in the Story Dogs programme of Australia, and is trained to sit quietly with a school-child in a supervised reading environment, and listen to and help the child to read. Some kids are put at ease and are happy to learn to read, with a friendly and loyal dog around. Who wouldn’t be?

When it was mentioned that Erik’s job was “pet therapy” I said “Can they stay here, I need pet therapy.” Well, I fell in love with Sid, and I think he quite liked me, giving me “kisses” or licks when first he was kindly put on my chest for me to smooch, and I put my face next to him.

“Don’t touch him, he’s mine” I am saying to my work colleague

For more information about the Story Dogs Programme, please click on the link below.


Sponsors are being sought for all sorts of book-worm dogs, to help with their training and with supplies and insurance, so if you know someone with money to spend on a very worth-while cause, consider asking them to sponsor a special dog. Their name will appear on the dog’s jacket! Howzat.

Not all Story Dogs are Brussels Griffons. There are all sorts of shapes and colours in the Story Dogs programme, and I would be happy to meet every one of them. Sam and Erik are members of the Melville W.A. team. Erik the Brave has his own Facebook page, which he kindly shares with Sidney Swain.

I know what it’s like being small, and Erik is brave as he is really small but that does not faze him in the slightest in the pursuit of his bookly duties.

Sometimes I dog-sit a Cairn Terrier and now that our beloved Shandy cat has passed away, we are considering having a dog ….. at some time — maybe a black Brussels Griffon, a breed that I had never heard of before meeting Erik and Sidney. They are not common and if you are thinking about being owned by one, please be careful and buy from a reputable breeder or seller.

Sadly there are unscrupulous people out there, who do the wrong thing, at the expense of some animals having health problems. Do your research about whether you want a Brussels Griffon (some say Erik has the face of a Gremlin, but I would never say that).

Whatever you do, please think of animals as beings with a spirit, just like human beings (who of course are part of the Animal kingdom). Thank you!

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