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About This Site

I grew up in Salter Point, Western Australia by the Canning river, with plenty of animals around me, at home and by the river. We had cats, guinea pigs, dogs, birds, fish and hermit crabs at home; and even a goose and a pig once. I grew up to love the outdoors and animal and plant life, and studied a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Biology at University.

We live in a wonderful and beautiful world of nature – plants, animals, minerals, sky, space and people – we are all truly interconnected.  Ten minutes of Meditation twice a day, in the morning and in the evening helps us to focus on our true nature – which is ……. Peace, Love and Happiness.

I believe that our God is humble, incognito (stealthy or subtle) and peaceful – the God / Goddess presence is in everything.  God is –

H I P  –   humble / incognito / peaceful

It is not God or the Divine or Source (call it what you will) that causes bad things to happen.  It is human beings, whom are gifted with free-will, that cause “bad” things.  We live in a world of duality and we are challenged to live together cooperatively and equitably, and in harmony with nature.

We are Souls with bodies or forms, and animals are also Souls with forms.  Human beings or Homo sapiens are a species of the Animal Kingdom with sentience or self-awareness, charged with making the correct choices to be good custodians of the Earth we call our Home.  It is our choices or decisions that cause poverty, war, hunger, harm and destruction of our environment.

I find all animals amazing and have had some amazing experiences with animals, and this site is just a small attempt to showcase and honour a selection of unusual and loved animals.

Mitakuye Oyasin –   Mitakuye Oyasin (“all are related” in Lakota Sioux lanaguage).

We can judge the heart of a (hu)man by his treatment of animals

~ Will Rogers ~

Portrait photo of me, taken in 2004

Celine ( Star Wise )