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2017 – Year of the Hen ( rooster )


Image source:  fameimages.com

To most, 2017 is the Year of the Rooster ( male chicken).   To see which Chinese Year you were born in, please click   HERE to see a previous post.

The previous Post also has very useful / interesting information ( for those who would like to know more about Chinese Astrology ) about the 60 year cycle in Chinese Astrology.


Subtract 12 from 2017 to get the last “Year of the Rooster” and this system of course applies to all the other 11 Animal signs, subtract 12 to get the last Animal year.  Likewise you can add 12 to get the next Year of the Rooster, and so forth for the other Animal years.

See what happened world-wide in 2005 –  the last “Year of the Rooster” .

http://www.chinesefortunecalendar.com/2005.htm   2005 was really a “Chicken year”

Chinese New Year in 2017 will start on January 28.  


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Mother and Child Re-union: Police save Gosling

9 May 2016.  A Mother Goose asks the Police for Help!


A Cincinnati Police Officer was astonished when a Goose walked up to his car door and pecked at it and honked.  He went to investigate and the clever mother Goose walked off honking and looking back at him, so he decided to follow her.

The good Mother led him right to where one of her poor babies was well wrapped up in some string from a balloon!  Another Police Officer tackled the tangles and although it took a while, managed to free the Gosling – much to the delight of the mother Goose.

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The Owl and the Pussy Cat

So cute and I’m really glad this little Owlet, Fuku-chan, found a friend in this Scottish Fold kitten, Marimo.   Wonder if they will still be friends when the kitten grows up?  I always research these “cute” photos.  This little Owlet has been captured and lives in a Japanese Owl Cafe, the consolation is that it has a cat friend at least for a while.  I think that Owls shouldn’t be put into Cafes just for the amusement of human beings.   Read more  HERE.

I don’t know when these photos were taken, and I can’t read Japanese, so I can’t tell from the official Hukulou Coffee place what happened.





Birds make Music

Easter Puppies, Chicks & Bunny

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road ?


I bought a Cheep

There’s a television advert where the woman says “Yes, Michael, I bought a Jeep”.  Well, I am saying: Michael, I bought a Cheep.  I went onto eBay looking for something or other and found this very cute baby Gund fluffy chick, so I bought her.  Isn’t she sweet and I’m sure she would cheep if she could.




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Safe haven for rare Blue Throated Macaw doubles in size

blue throated macawA critically endangered blue-throated macaw

(Photo: Steve Wilson/Flickr)

The blue-throated macaw is one of the most endangered birds on Earth, down to an estimated 120 survivors in the wild. Any new refuge for such a rare bird is a welcome surprise, but this brightly colored Bolivian parrot just hit the conservation jackpot.
Bolivia’s Barba Azul Nature Reserve — home to the world’s largest remaining population of blue-throated macaws — has suddenly doubled in size, growing from 12,350 acres to 27,180 in one fell swoop. The expansion comes courtesy of several conservation groups, led by Bolivia’s Asociación Armonía, and marks a major victory for the embattled birds.

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