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U.S. Adopts Near-Total Ivory Ban

The regulations, which take effect on July 6, amount to a near-total ban on the commercial trade of African elephant ivory. Current law allows for the sale of ivory and ivory products in limited cases where the seller can prove the ivory is old and was lawfully imported. But the new rules further restrict exports and sales across state lines, as well as limiting ivory trophy imports to two per year, per hunter.


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Meet Pepper – a baby Southern White Rhino

Werribee Open Range Zoo in Victoria, Australia, has welcomed a new female baby Southern White Rhino ( species name Ceratotherium simum) , born at 8.05pm AEST on Thursday 30 May.   The baby was born to mother SiSi and weighs a healthy 69 kilograms.   The baby will be hand raised.  Werribee Open Range Zoo is part of a regional breeding program for the Southern White Rhino.  The White Rhino is the most soical of the 5 species of Rhinoceros and has the most docile nature.

The other species of Rhino (abbreviation for Rhinoceros) are the Sumatran, Black, Greater Horned (or Indian), and Javan Rhinos.   Did you know Rhinoceros means “horned nose” from Rhino (or “nose”) and Ceros (for “horned”)?

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June Holiday – Carl-Daniel Steyn and Luke Michaelides enjoying nature at Nelspruit and Kaapschehoop, South Africa !!


In the June school holidays we decided to spend our off time in nature. We organized to spend time in Nelspruit and at Kaapschehoop, as well as taking a day trip into the Kruger National Park. We will write a short post on every day to keep you in the know about all the exciting adventures we had in nature.

Day 1 – Nelspruit



We set off from Pretoria to relatives in Nelspruit. It was a very uneventful and long drive with only the occasional bird or view to brighten it up. We finally arrived with numb bums and were glad to stretch our legs. After settling in, we took a drive to a lookout point at the edge of the farm. This gave us an opportunity to get a look at the Lowveld and we also managed to spot a Jackal Buzzard. We decided to walk back…

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The Boy Who Lived with Buffalo – the Buffalo Whisperer


Photograph by Young Nature Lovers

He may be young, but 16-year-old Luke Michaelides has a wisdom and a sense of adventure that many people, old or young, do not have.  Luke has blogged a six part series “Hop, Skip and Jump” about his amazing and wonderful relationship with an African wild Buffalo in South Africa, called Hop.  At first, Luke and his family took in Hop when she was hurt, and then cared for Hop’s baby girl also, whom they called Skip.  Later, a male Buffalo joined the group for a while, and he was called Jump.

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