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Polly Jingles Cat


22 May 2013

My name is Polly Jingles, or PJ Cat, if you prefer.  About a year ago I adopted a new family after living on my own for a while.  I first befriended the little girl.  I started by rubbing up against her, and then letting her pet me.  She was sweet and took to me instantly.

Soon she introduced me to her brother and I worked my magic on him.  Whenever they played in the yard I joined them and they were always happy to see me.  We would run around and just laugh.

Next I worked my magic on their Mama, as they call her.  She even went so far as to buy me food, animal lover that she is.  I quickly won her over.  But the toughest of the bunch was the big guy, the one they call Dad.  He wasn’t so enthused by me, but I could tell he did like me.  So knowing absence makes the heart grow fonder, I took off for about a week.  When I finally returned I was welcomed back with open arms, and even some tears.  I had a new family!

The little girl tends to carry me about like a baby.  I am not fond of this, but put up with it for the most part.  The little boy likes to lay with me and scratch me behind the ears.  Not that I’m complaining.

But my favorite is Mama.  She caters to me, strokes me and feeds me with great regularity.  I love to sit on her chest and just let her pet me,  Given my druthers, I prefer to sleeping on her side of the bed near her legs than anywhere else.  As to the big guy, he’s okay, but I have to watch out for his feet.  Last week he stepped on my tail accidentally, but my instincts took over and I clawed up the back of his ankle pretty good.  When he picked up his foot I ran for cover and avoided him for the next few days.  He seemed mad.

It was tough living with a family at first, as I was used to living on my own.  I still awoke with the birds at sunrise, as that was my main feeding time, but I soon realized that my new family would feed me instead.  In the morning I usually get beef with gravy, my favorite.  Even if I can’t finish the meat, I lick up all the gravy.  Yum.  I have put on a few pounds since I moved in with them, but I still have my girlish figure.  Later they give me crunchy food, which I pick at as needed.  I also help out by patrolling for mice in my house, and other vermin in my yard, which I view as my domain.  Someone has to protect these humans.

It’s my job.

I’m quite happy with my new family.  I was friendly with other people in the neighborhood, but this family seemed the perfect fit.  I play with the kids all the time.  On Christmas I even received gifts.  It’s nice to be wanted.

Mama is off today and still sleeping.  I think I’ll go join her.  Bye.

Polly Jingles Cat

Submitted by BreezeSpeaks, U.S.A.

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